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Vanillekipferl (vanille means vanilla and kipferl, from Hungarian kifli, means crescent), are Austrian / German crescent-shaped cookies, coated with vanilla sugar.  They originated in Austria, symbolizing the celebration of the victory of the Hungarian army over the Turkish in one of the many wars between the nations.   You can also find them in many other countries such as Germany, …

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Moussakas is the most known Greek dish.  Sometimes we want to go meatless, so if you also want to avoid eating meat you should try this amazing recipe, with Greek feta and Italian mozarella, adding lots of onions,  feta and a marinara sauce and topped with a bechamel sauce with feta in it.  

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Ιif you have gallbladder disease and/or gallstones, following a healthy gallbladder diet can have a large impact on your health. A gallbladder diet is similar to a “regular” healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, minimal animal fats such as dairy, butter, fatty meat, and eggs, no fried foods and “white” and processed foods should be avoided.

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Kokoras Bardouniotikos is a stewed rooster recipe from Lakonia. In the classic recipe there are no potatoes in it but is served with pasta, such as hilopites. The meat and onions are browned in olive oil before stewing and then it is simmered until cooked. In the end a lot of sphella cheese (a spicy, hard feta) and some kalamata olives are added and the combination of cloves and cinnamon is what gives this dish its unique Greek flavor.

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These Courgette (Zucchini) Fritters are crispy and packed with vitamins and protein as they are made with quinoa. A few days ago I wrote about the other parcel I received from sweet Nuria and as I promised I am writing about the parcel I received from Pixie before Easter. When Pixie asked me what I …

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Ovelias is a Greek Easter tradition where a whole lamb is roasted on the spit.  The word ovelias pronounced Oh-veh-LI-as comes from the ancient Greek word “ovelos” which used to be a wooden or steel rod, where pieces of meat were skewered on and slowly cooked.  Nowdays, the word “ovelias” means a whole lamb cooked for Easter on the spit.

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Flaounes pr. flah-OU-ness (singular flaouna) is a traditional Cypriot Easter cheese bread made with an aromatic yeasted phyllo dough, filled with a special Cypriot cheese, called Pafitiko, made during the Easter period especially for flaounes,  flavoured with Masticha (mastic resin), mahlepi (mahleb) and mint.

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Melitzanosalata is a traditional Greek vegan dip / appetizer made with eggplants which have been charred over charcoal or over an open flame, until the skin blisters, to get a smoky taste.   The skin is then removed, as well as the seeds, if any, and the eggplant is either finely chopped, mashed with a fork or pureed.

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