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Veal Escaloppes with Chestnuts in a brandy and orange sauce

I am not a person who believes in astrology nor do I listen to zodiacs on T.V. or read them in magazines and newspapers but I wonder if we had a retrogade Hermes (Mercury) this past week or maybe it was a “kako mati” or evil eye as we say in Greece and as some superstitious people would say?  But then I don’t believe in that either.    However, everything seems to be going wrong this week.  My computer got affected with a virus again and all this week it’s been shutting down every now and then and I didn’t get much work done.  After transferring my data to a portable hard disc and having the virus removed I had the Office 2007 installed and have been trying to learn some of its new features which will be useful when I begin editing my recipes but again some documents I have been working with haven’t worked well.   I also have to convert all the recipes into PDFs and I don’t even want to think about that yet.

Then my computer started shutting down suddenly without any warning and now I am terrified that if anything happens to the hard disc I have no backup whatsoever for my recipes.  I am now considering buying a new laptop.

Enough with bad lack and now to a recipe I have made during the holidays.  I’ve been cooking a lot with chestnuts lately as I had bought a few kilos a few weeks ago.    I boiled and peeled them and stored them in the deep freezer.  I did this last year as well and had chestnuts until a couple of months ago.

One of the recipes I made during the holidays was escaloppes with chestnuts in a brandy and orange sauce.  I know I am not giving the recipe as I should but as I have told you if you like the recipe I would gladly e-mail it to you.  You can see most of the ingredients I used in the collage but there is more to the recipe than what is shown in the pictures.

To start with I was planning to make another recipe with the round veal so I did not ask the butcher to cut it for me.  I cut it myself into thin slices and then I thinned it with a mallet.  I then prepared a spice mixture which I powdered in an electric spice grinder and used part of it to season the meat.   I then coated the escaloppes with milk and flour and then with egg and a second coating with a chestnut mixture.

I sautéd the escaloppes on both sides and removed them from the sautéing pan.  I then sautéd the onion and mushrooms and returned the escaloppes in the pan and finished the dish by adding  the brandy, orange juice and orange zest as well as some whole chestnuts.

I served the escaloppes with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and with a chestnut sauce I made and enjoyed it with a Cypriot Red Shiraz wine, of Fikardos Winery in Paphos.

I hope to bring back some with me next week as I shall be going to Cyprus this week to visit my sisters.  Sorry I haven’t been visiting you as often as I would like but shall catch up with your posts during the week end.  Until then take care!

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26 Responses

  1. Mmmmhhhh, what a perfect combination! That dish must taste be exquisite!



  2. Ivy, this looks DELICIOUS! Veal and brandy…mmm……Have a wonderful time visiting your sisters!

  3. Ivy

    Mmmmm, this sounds delicious. I've never cooked with chestnuts before and surely would love to try your recipe. Have a great time in Cyprus!

  4. A fabulous meal! I love the chestnut sauce with brandy!

  5. Hi Ivy! Sorry about all the computer trouble. Here we use a laptop (IMac) and love it! We took it with us on travel and I even dropped it once and never had any trouble with it. My son is a computer programmer and it is his favorite computer too.
    Great recipe, lucky to have a butcher who can cut your meat and give you good veal!In the US, veal is already precut and packaged, even at so-called meat markets.

  6. Ivy, the veal escalopes looks scrumptious!
    Next week will definitely be better!

  7. Wow yet another interestly innovative and delicious dish from Ivy: Bravooooooo!

  8. Sorry about your misfortunes this week Ivy! Your Escaloppes look delicious! A perfect comfort meal. Have a nice time visiting!

  9. I do hope your computer has anti-virus software – not the free kind. You get what you pay for. Hopefully this is your last virus.

    Veal, wine, mushrooms, chestnuts all sound divine with brandy. Perhaps you can make this dish for family in Cyprus.

    Kalo taxidi and taste some more Cypriot wines…little known about them.

  10. Sounds delicious! I really need to get more familiar with chestnuts, this is a perfect way to start! Thank you -LeslieMichele

  11. une association qui me tente beaucoup, j'adore
    bonne journée

  12. I love chestnuts so much, Ivy and those paired with the sauce and the veal sounds fantastic!

  13. That sauce sounds fantastic, Ivy!

  14. Oh Ivy! What a nice combination of flavors…chestnuts and veal…absolutely gorgeous!

  15. This meal looks fabulous Ivy – and I’d gladly have a glass of that vino 😉

  16. I've never tried veal meat. I'm curious about that. Looks tasty.

  17. lissie

    That's a perfect meal, Ivy… sounds so yummy! Have a good time with your sisters… 🙂

  18. Thanks a great meal to come home to.

  19. hi Ivy
    hope you will have all your stuff back ! personnally I have put everything on 2 different usb keys !!
    i also love chestnuts either in cooking or in pastries !!
    have a good day ! here in Paris it is cold ! Pierre

  20. Un plat délicieux que j'aurai dégusté avec plaisir.
    A bientôt.

  21. What a lovely blog… found you through CHapot! So glad I did!

  22. Yvy, on my blog, waiting to be raised a prize. The award of the friendship you dedicate it with all my heart. A wonderful week!

  23. hi,ivy,are you fine?

  24. Hello,
    If you want, I have a price for you on my blog

  25. Happy New Year Ivy!!!! I'm sorry to hear that! This thing you mention that the computer suddenly goes off has happened to me sometimes and when the frecuency increases suddenly one day it dies!!! Be careful! I would save all info and take it to the computer man.

    Don't tell me about bad luck… I'm preparing my husband's 50 year old anniversary and it's such an effort… everything is going wrong. My daughter broke her foot felling down the stairs and she is taking all my daily time… but, I have to think that it could have been worse, that's the only thing that makes me happy!

    Anyway, I don't wont to bother with my miseries ;D. I bet that sauce is to die for!!! I'm bringing the bread and more wine to drown our sorrows, ok?

  26. Agathi

    Awesome, mouth watering while seeing this, i think it should be very delicious