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Koupes with Mushrooms

I have posted about koupes last month and you can see the original recipe here. The recipe for the dough is exactly the same. However, as the Orthodox have big lenten periods, fifty days before Easter, forty days before Christmas and some days before the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary as well as on some other occasions, we do not eat any kind of meat or fish, or animal products such as eggs, milk and subsequently products made with milk or eggs.

As the original recipes for koupes were stuffed with ground meat, during lenten periods we stuff them with mushrooms and believe me they are much better.

The collage is the same as for the meat koupes as the procedure is exactly the same.

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15 Responses

  1. Peter M

    Ivy, now I’m going to sing, “Kou-pe-pe, KOU-pe-pe” all evening, thanks to you! lol

    I love mushrooms and I’m so glad that fresh mushrooms are now more readily available in Greece.

  2. Ivy

    Koupe-pe koupe-pe to fai mas erhetai… Fresh mushrooms are quite expensive but what the heck, once in a while we can do some extravagances.

  3. Peter

    Between you and “kalofaga” I’m extending my Greek culinary vocabulary. These look yum. And perfect for “nisteia”. (About my blog: I self host and my web hosts are having some technical issues. Could take about 2days. Thanks for checking). yeia

  4. Ivy

    Thanks for commenting and I am glad that your technical problem will be solved soon. We are all learning from each other and I am so glad I have met people like you. I am looking forward to seeing your new posts. BTW my eldest son is in Sydney since Monday and he says it’s a fantastic place and so cheap.

  5. JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

    I have never had these, they look great! It is so nice to have such wonderful bloggers of Greek food! I am learning so much MORE about my favorite cuisine!

  6. Ivy

    Jenn, blogging is wonderful, we really learn a lot from each other.

  7. Laurie Constantino

    Very beautiful and they look extremely tasty. Sounds like you’ve got the technique down!

  8. Ivy

    I think I was right the other time writing how I managed to learn the technique. If you get correct instructions it’s easy to make things. Before that I used to think that making koupes was the most difficult thing to do.

  9. Cynthia

    Ivy, this is such a healthy snack, it really is. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. MARIA V

    i’ve definitely got to try these. they look delicious.

  11. Ivy

    Thanks Cynthia. I can’t really say if they are healthy but I know they are really delicious.

  12. Ivy

    Maria, if you can find fine bulgur wheat do try them, they are fantastic.

  13. Pixie

    Fabulous, they look incredibly tasty, thanks for sharing!

  14. Mary

    I love bulgur and these look delicious!

  15. Ernest

    I love anything with mushrooms.