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My first encounter with Avocado was some years ago, before creating a blog and at a time when the internet connections were slow and we paid by the hour when connected, so information was not easily accessible.  I don’t even remember what I did with it but I remember we did not like it.

A few weeks ago when I went to the supermarket and I saw the avocados I wanted to give this another try.

I google searched it and read all about it.  Was it a fruit or a vegetable?  How many varieties are there?  Where did it come from?  How healthy is it?

From what I read I came to the conclusion that avocado is a fruit and a vegetable, just like the tomato is, although avocado can be used both in a main course but also as a dessert.  Another reason I have come to this conclusion is because it contains a seed.  Vegetables usually form their seed when their productive cycle has ended.

It is very high in monosaturates, which means the oil content of avocados comes second  after olives among fruits.  Clinical studies have shown that avocado oil can promote a healthy blood flow, reduce blood cholesterol and  better circulation makes for better brain function.   It is also used in cosmetics for its anti-aging and other properties.

This fruit which originated from South Mexico (although) it was also cultivated up to the Central Peru before the invasion of the Europeans is now cultivated in many other countries as well.  In Greece avocado is mainly cultivated in Crete, Chania and the largest part of the volumes was sold in the Greek market and the exported volumes destined for European countries were limited.  However, the production is increasing annually due to a large demand from the European countries and a better profit made than olives.  The  varieties cultivated in Greece are about 85% of that share is held by the Fuerte variety, 9% is held by Hass and 6% by Zutano.

After learning more about this fruit I decided to make Guacamole following a video I watched and giving it my own twist.

I must say that it was delicious.  It was so creamy that my husband asked me if I had added mayonnaise in it.

Here are a few tips how to cut Avocados:

  • The avocado should be ripe.
  • Cut the avocado in half, lengthwise around the seed
  • Turn the two halves to separate
  • Remove the seed, using a spoon but don’t throw it away.  It help prevent your dish from browning.
  • If the avocado is ripe you can remove the skin with your fingers or use a knife
  • Or scoop the fruit away from the skin with a spoon
  • Squeeze lemon or lime juice to keep the fruit from browning
  • Guacamole – Vegan Recipe adapted from Chef Jason Hill

    Preparation time:  15 minutes







    Tomato peeled and cubed



    Onion, sliced



    Parsley, finely chopped


    Lemon, juiced



    Olive oil




    Freshly ground black pepper



    Pepperoncini, deseeded and finely cut


Cut all the vegetables and leave the avocado last as it will brown.

Add, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and with a fork mash the avocado and mix the salad.

I am sending this recipe to Harini, of Tongue Ticklers, who is hosting the event Recipes for the rest of us:  Starters.

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23 Responses

  1. wow.. sounds delicious.. tempting…

    sripriya vidhyashankar’s last blog post..STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE

  2. Great minds must think alike! I actually went out and bought everything I need to make it for a snack! I’m gonna make it tonight for work snack tomorrow.
    Typically, guac will be good enough to finish off the next day if you keep it in an airtight container and use lime (or lemon) juice. I usually make enough to have some right then and some for later, but I immediately put half of it away in the fridge in an airtight container so I can have it the next day too. I love it w/ yellow or blue corn unsalted tortilla chips. Yum!!!

  3. Isn’t the internet amazing?! Great version of this classic Ivy.

  4. I love avocado (it was not always the case) and guacamole! Your version looks really delicious!



  5. I love guacamole – I only discovered it after I moved to the U.S. from Switzerland – but it’s just so delicious. And I love how there are many versions. My easy go-to recipe at home is avocado, a bit of grated red onion, lime juice and cilantro, but there are numerous versions.

    City Girl’s last blog post..Birthday Macarons

  6. I love avocados and it has been a while since I made guacamole. I love just cutting avocados up and puting them in my maroulosalata as well. Or layering them between slices of bread along with some tomato and grilled chicken for a light lunch.

    maria’s last blog post..Ouzo Mezedes, Part II

  7. I am really glad to hear that you gave avocados another shot – they are one of my favorite fruits/vegetables to eat! Love your version of guac with peperoncino in it!

  8. Ciao ! we love guacamole and now I want to try yours !!

  9. You did a good job for the first time. It’s true while avocados have nutrients and good elements in them, but too much (like anything else) can be fattening.

  10. Ivy, you and my wife must be on the same wavelength; she made Guacamole yesterday as well and it was quite good. I don’t usually go for avocado much myself, I like it, but I’m not crazy about it, but it is tasty when made into guacamole. Thanks for sharing!

    Sam Sotiropoulos’s last blog post..Mastic Shrimp Saganaki (Γαρίδες Σαγανάκι με Μαστίχα)

  11. I never used to like avocadoes as a kid…and then I discovered guacamole! It changed everything. Glad you had a chance to re experiment and make it again Ivy!

    Peter G’s last blog post..I “can” Lamb Salad

  12. Avocadoes are so delicious. Buttery and creamy. I use them in place of mayo on my sandwiches. They do have a similar taste. This looks superb!

  13. I love guacamole .. I too wasn’t exactly fond of avocados until I discovered guacamole

    Deesha’s last blog post..Majjige Huli – Ash Gourd & Buttermilk Stew

  14. Wow informative post…….Guacamole looks yum. Love the pic too.

  15. Thanks for the tips. It sounds delicious, I think I shall try it.

  16. I’ve read so much about creamy delicious avacado & your post makes me ENVIOUS! We don’t get avacados here, & your post is making me very hungry Ivy!

    deeba’s last blog post..CHICKEN QUESADILLAS…Mingling their way to KIDS LUNCHES!

  17. Your guacamole looks divine Ivy I love to eat this when we’re having our Mexican food evening theme. LOL I did laugh re:internet because I used to get 1 hr and it was so slow and expensive – thanks for the memories sweetie 😀

    Rosie’s last blog post..Easter Biscuits

  18. Ben

    Hmmm guacamole! It’s only a myth that putting the pit of the avocado in the guacamole will keep it from turning brown. The only way to slow down the oxidation process is by adding lime or lemon juice. I also believed that was true, but I’ve learned my lesson :-p

    Ben’s last blog post..Pastel azteca and avocado dinner rolls

  19. I adore avocados and guacamole as well. Good for snacks and…try avocados to make a Lenten caesar dressing!

    Peter’s last blog post..Fried Calamari

  20. Funny you should post this. I was wondering how guacamole was made the other day when I couldn’t find any at the store. Looks great, I will have to give this a try.

    Bobby’s last blog post..Calzones Recipe

  21. I LOVE guacamole! Sometimes, if I can get it, I use lime juice instead of lemon. Man, I could eat this stuff all day! Yours looks so good – it’s making me crave it!

  22. I just love guacamole. healty dip!

  23. I am still in the initial stage you were in! I tried avocados twice and haven’t developed an affinity as yet….but I am trying:). Thank you very much for sending this to RFRU-Starters!