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Tashi (tahini) Dip

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Tahini or tashi as it is called in Cyprus, is a paste made from ground sesame seeds.  It is usually very thick and if left a long time you will see that oil is gathered on top.  You do not have to worry about that you just mix it and it is just fine.

To make the tahini sauce or dip this paste has to be dissolved with water, mixed with several other ingredients  until it resembles like a creamy mayonnaise.

The recipe is included in my cookbook Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

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Sunday 17th of May 2009

I am SOOOO addicted to tahini, seriously. It's becoming a problem. This looks YUMMY as ever :)

Trish Lathourakis

Saturday 21st of March 2009

Hello Ivy

I love this dip. Your's look fabulous, nice and smooth. It is funny as I made it for a Cypriot friend of mine as he had never heard of it, but he hated it as it was too heavy for him, whereas a lot of my family love it.

Nice pics too : )

(oh I'm actually making Flaounes today, so photos should be up shortly. Would love o see your recipe for them)



Wednesday 18th of March 2009

I have never tried it Ivy! But love to know about traditional Chipriot recipes :D


Tuesday 17th of March 2009

Delicious- and I love those long, skinny dishes too :)


Tuesday 17th of March 2009

Ivy, hello my friend. What a wonderful sauce. I like sesame seeds but had no idea that there was a paste available. I will have to look for it. Thank you sweetie.

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