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Brown Lentils with Smoked Eggplant and Pasta is inspired from my Cypriot dish called Fakhes Moudjentra.   It is a light dish with a lot of flavour from the smoked eggplant as well as sweetness from the carrots and onion.  The pasta is cooked in the leftover fluid, which absorbs all the flavour and adds body to the dish, making it a healthy and filling dish.

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Aladoti Eliopita (pr. Ah-LAH-doh-tee Eh-LIOH-pee-tah), is an olive bread made without any oil or any other fat whatsoever. This yummy eliopita uses tahini as its source for fat, which makes a delicious and healthy bread for breakfast, brunch or as a snack during the strict Orthodox fasting period, when there are days that no oil whatsoever is consumed.

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