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How to … make phyllo with butter for pies

How to … make phyllo with butter for pies

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This phyllo is simplified way of making dough similar to puff pastry, although it does not puff so much.  However, by making it with layers of butter between each phyllo, when baked each phyllo will separate from the other and become flaky, buttery and crunchy.

Ideally make this pastry the day before using so you have time ahead of you.  You can make it by hand or using a pasta machine.


  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 330 ml soda water
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 tablespoons vinegar
  • Butter at room temperature (about 150 grams)


Attach the special dough attachment on the mixer.

In the mixer bowl put the flour and the oil and start stirring.

Add the salt, vinegar and water gradually. We know that the dough is ready when we see that it does not stick on the bowl. Stop the mixer and if the dough does not stick on your fingers it is ready. If it does, add some more flour until ready.

Cover the dough with a cling film and leave it to rest for 30 minutes. Otherwise knead by hand, following same procedure).

To roll out the dough, flour your working surface and divide the dough in ten pieces. To make two phyllo sheets, the six pieces will be used for the one placed below and the other four for the smaller one on top of the  pie.

Using the pasta machine roll out phyllo starting from number 1 and continue rolling making a thin phyllo.  See my video making phyllo here.

If your pasta machine is numbered from 1 – 6 stop at number 4.   If it is from 1 – 8, stop at number 6.   You will get a long piece of phyllo from each piece of dough.  

On each phyllo you roll out, spread butter with a knife or with the back of a spoon.   Place a second sheet of phyllo on top and butter. Continue until you have buttered six pieces.  This one will be used for the one placed on the baking tin and should be bigger to cover the sides of the baking tin.   Butter phyllo and fold it every 20 centimetres and again whenever folding put a thin layer of butter.   Continue with the remaining 5 pieces, buttering and placing them on top.  Fold in cling film.

Continue with the remaining four pieces, which again wrap in cling film.  This one will be used on top.
Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

When ready to use, if the pastry is very firm, allow it to warm in the room for a few minutes before rolling.

Starting with the big piece, roll the phyllo with a rolling pin so that you give it the shape of your baking tin.

Grease your baking tin and add the phyllo.  You can use any savoury fillings to make pies such as spanakopita, tyropita, kreatopita etc.

Add filling of your choice and then roll out the second phyllo, which must be exactly the size of the baking tin.

Score the pie and bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees C/ 350F until golden and crispy.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!

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Sharing is caring!

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Monday 31st of December 2007

Yes the roller is really handy. You won't believe it but I got it from a "panygiri". I've been using the manual pastry machine for many years but as I was a good girl Santa got me a new mixer and his elves got me the pastry attachment (lol).


Monday 31st of December 2007

Hi Ivy,Where did u get ur roller from? it looks like a handy tool..:)can u tell me if ur pastry machine is manual or electronic..i find the manual hard to use..many thanks and good luck with ur work!!!i became an addict of ur blog:)Eva

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