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My Kitchen view


some more photos of today Feb. 17, 2008 – 07:50 hrs

This is a meme from Lulu’s Bay in Cairo

Lynda has asked to see what we can see out of our kitchen window.

The snow is from last week

Since my apartment is in Athens the buildings don’t really look very good but there is a big park where the trees are and I have added a photo a took from the summer fires. The view is much better in the summer (Without the fires).

Hope I’ll see as well the view from my other friends’ kitchen.

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  1. Lynda

    Hey, thanks for dropping by – Your view is not dissimilar to mine. I love it that you can see the snow and the mountains in the back ground… and the picture with the bushfires is frightening. I have added you to the blogroll – it is great to see everybody’s view… I like the idea of looking at their kitchen too.. but it might be a bit TOO peeping tom! LOL Cheers Lynda

  2. Ivy

    Since we participate, I think we don’t mind.

  3. MARIA V

    it’s been a while since i came to athens, but this kind of view if kind of depressing. my sister lives in elefsina, where there are more open spaces; i’m glad i don’t live in athens anymore

  4. Ivy

    It’s not as bad as you may think. However, I wish I lived in Chania, which is my favourite place to live in.
    BTW Maria I have been visiting your blog many times but never end commenting because it takes too much time to browse down the page and then my computer gets stuck (I assume you must have a low speed connection, PSTN or ISDN not ADSL). Is that right? You can e-mail me at recipesandadviceATgmailDOTcom. It’s a pity I can’t visit you all the time because I like the things you blog about.

  5. Pixie

    I love all these little blogging events, they really bring the community together don’t they? I can’t even reach over to see what’s outside my window- I’m too short! lol

  6. Bellini Valli

    I think Athens is a vibrant and interesting city. When I first arrived I stayed near Filopappou Hill. With the ladies we stayed in the Plaka.I was lost many times and found the people to be very friendly and helpful 😀 I regret never finding the market 🙁

  7. Ivy

    They are fun, aren’t they? I love them.

  8. Núria

    Wow Ivy, we heard about the fires this past summer. It was horrible, so sad to see the people with just ash where there used to be their house. Summer fires are the worst!

    I like the idea of the meme!!

  9. Ivy

    I am looking forward to seeing your view. Have you checked out Val’s. It’s terrific.

  10. Cakelaw

    Hi Ivy, your summer view is just gorgeous! I’d love to have a stray flowering plant reach down and beautify my window. My view is so seriously boring (of the flats next door!) that there is no point in my photographing it.

  11. MARIA V

    now that it’s snowing your kitchen views are MUCH better!!!!!
    i have ADSL, I am not sure what the problem is with the page. Maybe I have too many photos??

  12. Ivy

    Maria, I don’t think it’s the photos because I have a lot as well. May be it’s the videos because I had the same problems when I had some slide shows on my main page.

  13. Núria

    Yes, I saw Val’s…. it is terrific!!!

    I wish we had some snow as you do! That’s a nice park!!!
    I’ll upload mine this evening, park views too and bloomed almond tree.

  14. Ivy

    It was good while it lasted. Today it’s a sunny day but so cold. We are having problem with central heating, this morning the hot water would not run because the water froze in the pipes and the street are so slippery. It’s such a mess today.

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