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How to fix Spoon sweets

glyka tou koutaliou

When preparing spoon sweets we must be sure that the syrup is just right neither too watery nor too thick. Usually if they are not thick enough if they are left outside the refrigerator they will get mildew and if they are too thick the sugar will crystallize.

The correct amount of sugar will act as a preservative just like salt acts for cured meat, so no refrigeration is necessary when opening a jar.   Sugar prevents various microorganisms to develop so no refrigeration is necessary if it has been cooked properly.

How do we fix spoiled fruit preserves?

However, if you have not cooked them properly and see mildew on top, there is no need to throw them away.

Discard all the spoiled frut and put it back in a pot adding more sugar.  If there is not sufficient syrup to cover the preserve, add some water as well (ratio 1:1).  After boiling again, test if the syrup has set and store in clean, sterilized jars.

In the second case, if the preserve has crystallized, put it back in a pot and dilute it with a few tablespoons water. Bring to a boil and at the end add again 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

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