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Glyko Melitzanaki me Grenadini (Eggplant with Grenadine Spoon Sweet)

I suppose most of you  will be surprised seeing eggplants served as a sweet.  I know that my Greek friends have eaten or heard of melitzanaki glyko.  I had to share with you a twist I made to this traditional recipe, in which I added grenadine, not only for the lovely taste, but also to give a lovely colour to the eggplant, which if left as it is will have a green colour.  For those of you who have never heard of grenadine, it is a syrup made with pomegranate.  This time I did not have time to make my own grenadine from scratch but when I return I intend to make some.

Making fruit preserves or “spoon sweets” as we call them in Greece is not as difficult as it looks.The basic procedure is almost the same for all spoon sweets.We need the same amount of fruit or vegetable and sugar and some water and we boil it until the fruit is cooked and the syrup is ready.

To make this spoon sweet we need very small eggplants around 8 – 12 cm long.They should first be peeled, but make sure to wear gloves, as your hands will become black and it’s difficult to wash it off.Then after soaking them in lime they need to be washed well and an almond and a clove should be inserted in each eggplant.

Once we add the sugar we should avoid stirring it with a spoon but it is better to toss the saucepan until the sugar melts.Later on we can gently stir it with a wooden spoon until it is cooked.While it starts boiling, some froth may form on top but just ignore it as it will go away.You just have to be careful as it boils as the syrup may overflow.

I did not have a recipe for this spoon sweet, so I just made it from what I already know about spoon sweets.The only thing that I will change when I make it again will be to add more sugar and water as the syrup was not enough to cover the spoon sweet, so next day I had to make extra syrup with grenadine to add on top.

Glyko Melitzanaki me Grenadini (Eggplant with Grenadine Spoon Sweet), Recipe by Ivy

Preparation time:

  • about 45 minutes to peel them
  • 2 hours to rest in the lime
  • 15 minutes for washing them
  • about 30 minutes to add the almonds and the cloves
  • about 30 minutes for sugar to melt

Cooking time: about 45 minutes

Makes: about 60


  • 2 kilos small eggplants
  • 2 kilos sugar
  • 1 cup lime
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 60 almonds blanched and roasted
  • 60 cloves
  • 1 ½ cups of water
  • 1 cup grenadine
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • 1 cinnamon stick

(Note: increase sugar and water by two more cups)


  1. Remove the stem from the eggplant and with a vegetable peeler, remove the skin.
  2. Fill a large basin with water and dissolve the lime.Put the eggplants in the water and let them rest for about two hours.Add something heavy on top, as they will float.
  3. Wash them well, many times and then put them in the basin again with fresh water and the lemon juice. Let them rest for 1 hour.
  4. After straining them, with a sharp knife make a small slit in the middle of the eggplant and push the almond inside.Put a clove where the stem was.
  5. Put them in a large saucepan and after each layer add some sugar to cover them.Repeat until you add all the eggplants and the sugar.
  6. Add the water with a spoon so that you will wet the sugar well.Leave it for half an hour so that the sugar will melt.
  7. When we are sure that the sugar has melted, we bring it to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes.We leave it to rest in the syrup overnight.
  8. Next day remove the eggplants with a slotted spoon into a strainer and add the grenadine to the syrup. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
  9. Put the eggplants back into the saucepan, this time removing the cloves but adding some in the syrup.Add the cinnamon stick and bring to a boil again.Simmer for about 20 minutes and to check if the eggplants are cooked you can poke them with a thin skewer.
  10. Finally add the lemon juice and mix.
  11. Leave them in the saucepan to cool completely before storing in clean and sterilized jars.

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33 Responses

  1. wow,it looks so fine!translucent!

  2. very surprising indeed, but surely delicious too! An interesting recipe for sure!

    Cheers and have a wonderful week,


  3. How interesting!! The colour is very seductive!

  4. mon problème, Ivy, sera de trouver des aubergines de cette taille.
    Je n’en ai encore jamais vu en France. C’est une spécialité de quel pays? La Grèce?

    • Afrodite

      Oui, c'est une specialite de La Grece.

      • Ivy

        Merci Afrodite, c'est vrai.

  5. How cool – I would never have imagined eggplant could be turned into a sweet. I had no idea what grenadine was until a couple of weeks ago when Amanda’s Cookin’ used it for TWD. It sounds alcoholic – but I was surprised to learn it’s not!

  6. Ivy

    Thanks to all for your comments. Hope to visit you all before I leave.

    @ Nadjibella : C’est pas faciles les trouver ici, aussi. C’est plus facile seulement pour ces qui ont leurs legumes. C’est une specialite de Grece et de Chypre.

  7. Ivy

    @ Cakelaw : Gaye, grenadine is just a syrup and you probably confuse it as it is used in cocktails.

  8. How interesting. I would never have thought of an eggplant to be made into a sweet. It looks delicious.

  9. This is really special, widening my horizon, thanks for sharing Ivy.

  10. Sweet eggplant? Wow that’s a great idea. I can imagine it being like a sponge for all that sweet flavor. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  11. Yeah, I am really surprised to see eggplants as a sweet, it looks gorgeous, tempting and glossy…must have been a big hit.

  12. kat

    Ivy, I love that you surprise us with these recipes instead of the known standbys. People forget that eggplant is a fruit (like tomatoes), so why not serve them as a sweet? That’s what they are. 🙂

  13. I sure have never seen a sweet preparation of eggplant! How neat! I would love to try this!

  14. Ben

    I would have never guessed that was eggplant. Yes, I am surprised to see it as a sweet, but I really want to try it now 🙂

  15. I love this Ivy! What a great idea to use eggplants for a spoon sweet…and the grenadine is a great idea too!

  16. My mother’s aunt in Keratea makes an unbelievably good melitzanaki and this just brought back such sweet memories. This looks so good Ivy, love the personal touches you’ve added.

  17. Vij

    Hey Ivy
    That’s one interesting dessert. Looks good!!

  18. Une vraie surprise, je n’y aurais jamais pensé, mais c’est tellement superbe, bravo !

  19. That is an interesting dish, but looks fantastic!

  20. Thanks for the recipe. I ate such a glyko tou kutaliou in Kalymnos. Great taste. I will try to make those.

  21. WOW Ivy!! Can you make spoon sweets from anything??

    • Well you can make spoon sweets out of "almost everything".

  22. What an interesting recipe, Ivy! I have never seen eggplant in a sweet dish before, but it looks wonderful!

  23. I had some melitzanaki from Leonidio with Tsakonikes – were very good!

  24. I hated eggplant growing up and now just love it. what a great way of preparing it. looks a lot like guava!

  25. interesting dessert..

  26. This is new to me, but I’d love to taste it. The grenadine and sugar syrup sound delicious!

  27. thanks Ivy for this sharing and besides the photo is superb !
    and if you like mango in a snack come and see me cheers !! Pierre

  28. wow, this sweet looks really tempting! I have never heard of making eggplant into a sweet..

  29. This looks really nice Ivy, I have never tried this before I would love to taste it.

  30. This so pretty and an unique idea! I love it how you can almost see thru them!! Beautiful and a very very nice idea that i need to try.