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Στα Ελληνικά / In Greek

Whenever I travel, I like to take pictures and write about my trips.  Hope you will find some useful information if you ever visit any of the places I have visited.



The Acropolis Museum

Eclipse over The Acropolis

Mount Hymettus, a paradise so close to Athens

Varvakeios:  Athens Central Market

A visit to the First Cemetery of Athens

Monastiraki Part One:  neighbourhoods of Athens, on the foothills of The Acropolis

Monastiraki Part Two:  Neighbourhoods of Athens on the foothills of The Acropolis

Open walk:  Discovering a Foodie Paradise in the Centre of Athens


Summer Escapes Part I – Evia



Nafplion Archaeological Museum

Nafplion, Part II: touring the old city

Nafplion, Part I:  The first capital of Greece

Nemea and nearby Wineries


Summer Escapes Part II – Taygetus Mountain: Sparti – Megalopolis

Summer Escapes – Part III – Issioma, Karyon, Megalopolis

Summer Escapes – Part IV –  Kladas, Laconias

Summer Vacation Parti V : Mystras’ Panigyri and Parori

Summer Escapes part VI- A glimpse at ancient and modern Sparti, Laconia

Summer Escapes part VII – Lakonia: Elafonissos, Plytra, Archangelos and Monvemvassia

A trip to Parnonas (Vamvakou – Karyes)

Northern Greece

Northern Greece:  Part I:  Athens – Porroia – Rodopolis – Serres

Northern Greece, Part II: Serres – Chalkidiki – Thessaloniki – Athens


A Photographic Travelogue to Cyprus (2014)

Limassol, memories of the past

Cyprus, Independence Day and History of the Island

Trip to Cyprus

Cyprus:  Teratsomelo (carob syrup)

Commandaria, a visit to Limassol Villages and a recipe with Commandaria and Pork

Panigyri and Cyprus Products

Another trip to Cyprus


Part I –  Geneva

Part II – Geneva


Part III – St. Genis – Grenoble


Italy – Rome

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Friday 1st of January 2016

I am planning my trip to Greece and I found this article which is enlightening , thank you for publishing , is a fabulous place and the photos are spectacular.


Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Some amazing pictures. Greece is a place I would love to visit, especially after seeing all those images of Santrioni, with lovely sunsets and vast oceans and hills. Nice to see different pictures of Greece as well.


Wednesday 18th of March 2015

Plane traveling its really enjoying and I have learned so much from your posts !!!

Richard Thompson

Wednesday 21st of August 2013

These were really interesting to go through, as that part of the world has so much to offer to travelers and adventurers. One of my good friends is from Cyprus, and all she talks about is how beautiful it is there, and how everyone should visit eventually. Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 27th of August 2013

You are welcome Richard.


Tuesday 26th of February 2013

Traveling is the part of enjoyable life. some people like more adventures and some people like natural scenes their memorable moment. This is the perfect place for a person could able to enjoy as part in their life time. Don't forget to enjoy each and every moment of any travel. It's better to load some pictures as part of memory in your life.

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