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Weekend Herb Blogging #177 – Roundup

Weekend Herb Blogging is a blog event where people have a chance to showcase a favorite vegetable or herb in any dish.   I love this event as we come to learn more things about herbs, vegetables, plants, edible flowers and fruit around the world.   The last time, It also gave me a chance to meet new people and make new friends and I hope that I shall make some new ones this time as well.

I am very glad to be hosting the Weekend Herb Blogging for a second time.   As you all know the event was originally created by Kalyn, of Kalyn’s Kitchen and now managed by Haalo, of Cook (almost) Anything at least once.

Thanks to everyone who sent in recipes for sharing your delicious discoveries.   Enjoy!


Pears or Apples:

Cinzia, of Cindystar, has made a very easy caked called Cake of 9.

Vegetables & herbs:


Scott, of Real Epicurean, has made a Curried Parnsnip and Tomato Soup.


SuperChef, of  Mirch Masala, has made Roasted Potatoes Herbs De Provence.


Nuria, of Spanish Recipes, has made some spicy Lamb Skewers with red and green peppers in between the meat.

Mustard seeds:

Rachel, of  The Crispy Cook, has made her own Mustard.

Brussels sprouts:

Katie, of Eat this, has made Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Almonds.

Potatoes and Beets:

Anna, of Anna’s Cool Finds, has made Ruby Red Potatoes.


Marija, of Palachinka, made a Basil Cheesecake.

Beet Greens:

Yasmeen, of Health Nut, has made Green Beets Sambar.

Swiss Chard:

Muneeba, of  An Edible Symphony, has made Spring Risotto.

Cilantro and parsley:

Jerry, of Jerry’s Thoughts, Musings and Rants, has made a Chimicurri Sauce.


KC, of Kits Chow, has made Skewered Pine Mushrooms.


Lisa, of Lisa is Cooking, has made Nasturtium Jalapeno Aioli.


B, of  My Clean Eating, has made Baked Garlic Chicken.

Padron Peppers:

Haalo, of Cook (Almost) Anything at least once, who has took over from Kalyn, has made Fried Padron Peppers, also called Russian Roulette with Padron, because 1 out of 10 is usually hot.

Cilantro (fresh coriander):

Kalyn, of Kalyn’s Kitchen, who is the creator of this lovely event, has made Turkey Lettuce wrap Tacos with chiles, cumin, cilantro, lime and Tomato Avocado salsa.


Brii, of Brii’s Blog in English has made two wonderful recipes Rosemary Jelly and Rosemary tea.


Finally, my entry is Pasta Elias (Olive Paste)

The next host of WHB  will be Chriesi from Almond Corner, so now get your dishes prepared for next week.

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21 Responses

  1. Beautiful and delicious creations as always!!! Thanks for the round-up Ivy 😀 I love the first collage picture!
    The sun is shining here and I think I’ll spend the day off now that my daughter has school holidays 😀

    Núria’s last blog post..Lamb Skewers for Your Barbecue!

  2. ivy?
    I’m speechless…and I assure it doesn’t happen often :))
    incredible round up!
    thank you so much for hosting, Ivy!!
    I wish a very herbal week to everybody 🙂

    brii’s last blog post..ricette leguminose per letissssia

  3. Thank you, Ivy for the beautiful roundup!

    Marija’s last blog post..Basil Cheesecake

  4. Wow awesome round up dear.

    Lubna Karim’s last blog post..#2 A Fruity Indulgence – Watermelon

  5. Bravo Ivy and complements to all the dishes. These round-ups are work and I tip my hat to you…takes alot of patience.

  6. What a gorgeous roundup! Fantastic food!



  7. What a delicious round-up! Everything looks wonderful!

    Reeni’s last blog post..Lemon-Garlic Shrimp with Parmesan Polenta & Grilled Romaine

  8. It never fails to amaze me how creative some people are! This event is a great way to see that!

    Muneeba’s last blog post..Yearning-For-Spring Risotto

  9. Great job on this. Someday I must learn to make those types of collages. (Maybe when I’m retired, lol!) I see some very interesting recipe to check out, starting with the olive paste!

    Kalyn’s last blog post..Recipe for Greek-Inspired Leftover Brown Rice Casserole with Red Pepper, Onions, and Feta

  10. I love the roundup! This is so inspiring me to participate in more food blog events. And I love the collage at the top.

  11. Great roundup, Ivy. I don’t which to try first, Rosemary Jelly or Nasturtium Aoli or maybe some of those potato dishes…..

    Rachel’s last blog post..April Cookbook Giveaway

  12. Great collage – and a lovely round up. Thanks Ivy, I have some reading to do now!

    Anna’s last blog post..Broccoli Flower Pizza – don’t try this at home

  13. Love a the collage at the top of your roundup. A great idea.

    Scott at Realepicurean’s last blog post..Fish Pie Recipe

  14. What a stunning round-up Ivy – I have much catching up to do startng here 😀

    Rosie x

    Rosie’s last blog post..Iced Shortbread Biscuits (Cookies)

  15. Ivy…do you ever sleep? You’re so busy hosting, posting, and administering. You’re remarkable! Nice round-up.

  16. All those entries look picturesque and delicious at the same time,thanks for the fabulous round-up Ivy:)

    yasmeen’s last blog post..A Slice of Royal Feast :Sheermal and Badam Kheer

  17. What a wonderful round up, Ivy. I found great recipes here Congrats for hosting such a great event

  18. Thanks for hosting the event and encouraging me to enter! All the entries look delicious.

    lisaiscooking’s last blog post..Crema de Guacamole with Crunchy Topopos

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  20. Joyce

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. All herbs looks tempting.

  21. penny

    Wow awesome round up dear. I like it!