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Bitter Chocolate Ginger Cookies

My husband started doing the shopping  when he realized that when I was with him we ended up with a huge bill.   He usually goes to our neighbourhood supermarket where we can get all we need but in order to get some unusual ingredients we have to go  to one of the big chain supermarkets where I can get nearly most of the things I want.    I convince him once in a while to go together to one of these supermarkets.

A few days ago I needed a few ingredients which I cannot find at our nearby supermarket and instead of buying a few things, I ended up with a full cart.

One of the things I bough was fresh ginger.  It was the first time I bought some and I knew nothing about how to use it .

The first thing that came into my mind were some ginger biscuits we used to eat in England which I loved them although they had that pungent taste.

I decided to google search for some ginger cookies and as I was in a hurry to start cooking and baking, I found one I liked but I had to make my twist to it as I did not have bittersweet chocolate chips (but I did have a bittersweet chocholate, which I cut into small pieces).

I did not have crystallized ginger and I did not have molasses.   I remembered I  had haroupomelo or teratsomelo (the Cypriot name).

Haroupomelo is a Cypriot product (charoupia/teratsia = carobs + meli = honey) and the honey is taken out of carobs and made into a syrup.  I brought this last year from Cyprus but had forgotten all about it.   The recipe did not clarify whether to use fresh or powdered ginger.

Although I did not have most of the ingredients, that did not discourage me from making them.

The cookies were delicious and I loved them.  The ginger and the dark chocolate went together beautifully and the slight bitterness contrasts really well with the smooth butteriness of the biscuit itself.   The cookies were a little stingy on the ginger and next time I would add more.   However, I cannot say the same about my children.  It was the first time I’ve ever made something sweet which they did not like.  Maybe because they never ate ginger before they did not touch them.  The recipe said to bake the cookies only for five minutes.  Although when they came out of the oven, they were very soft, they became harder when they cooled down but after a while they were soft again, so I would bake them more, as I prefer crunchy cookies.

Since then I have used it in two savory dishes which both tasted great and I still have some left, so I will be definitely using it soon.  My son liked both savory dishes whereas my daughter did not eat any of them.

You will find the recipe in my book:  Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

I am submitting this recipe to Susan, of Food Blogga, who is hosting the event Eat Christmas Cookies.

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16 Responses

  1. WOW! I can’t believe my chocolate ginger cookies made it all the way to Greece. These are well traveled treats, indeed. I am so glad to find your site and can’t wait to read and learn more from you. Isn’t it fun to think we are sharing the same bites even though we are 1/2 the world away!??! Cheers!

  2. I bet those cookies taste great, especially with that Frey chocolate and the fresh ginger :D!


    Rosa xoxo

  3. Ivy, these look wonderful. Gingersnaps are my favorite – pair that with chocolate? OH MAN. You mentioned that they were ‘soft’. Was that like a soft-chewy or a soft-crumbly? I’m all about the chewy factor.

  4. Dark chocolate and ginger. That’s a deadly combo for my diet!

  5. Ivy

    Hi saucymomma. Isn’t it great that we meet sharing our recipes. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us.

    Rosa, they were fatastic.

    Tina, they were just as you like them soft-chewy.

    Joan, chocolate and ginger are in fact a deadly combination.

  6. chocolate + ginger = irresistible I just love the sound of these Ivy!

  7. A great combination Ivy…definitely!

  8. vij

    I loved the 1st pic Ivy! xmas tree n cookies looks awesome.I am sure it will be taste gr8!

  9. Wow yummy cookies. I can feel the tingling taste of ginger with bitter taste of chocolate. Awesome…..

  10. looks delicious and yum!
    first pic is fantastic!
    Join in the EFM – SAVOURIES SERIES going in my blog!

  11. I love ginger and dark chocolate, and together?? So good! I’ll have to try these!

  12. These cookies sound delicious sis. Did you know that you can peel and grate your gingerroot and then freeze it in small amounts to use later?It does last quite some time in the fridge as well though.

  13. I’m so happy you discovered fresh ginger, Ivy. I love to bake with it. Hopefully your kids will come around. If not, then more for you! 🙂 Happy Holidays, my friend.

  14. Glad you found fresh ginger (you can freeze the leftover root for future use). Ginger is a wonderful pairing in ingredients and I hope your husband gives you a free hand with the shopping.

  15. giz

    Ginger=healthy, cookies with ginger = healthy and yummy too. Your husband just needs to understand that you’re watching out for his good health by creating such wonderful cookies.

  16. PG

    these are for sure excellent in taste! Fresh ginger and chocolate are a wonderful combination. Wish i could pick up one from the bowl, looks so tempting! 🙂