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Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clement’s



When making these roulades I kept singing the nursery rhyme “Oranges and Lemons say the Bells of St. Clement’s” which we used to play in England at primary school:

Oranges and Lemons Poem

Oranges and lemons
Say the bells of St Clement’s
You owe me five farthings
Say the bells of St Martin’s
When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey
When I grow rich
Say the bells of Shoreditch
When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney
I’m sure I don’t know
Says the great bell at Bow
Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head

Chop chop chop chop the last man’s head!

This is one of the first English songs I learned  as a child, when I used to go to primary school in London.

Two children would form an arc and become the choppers.  They would secretly decide who would be orange and who would be lemon.  A line of other children singing the song would pass under the arc and the child passing when the song goes chop, chop, chop would be caught.  He should choose among orange and lemon and would line behind the child he chose.   When all children lined behind the choppers they would have a tug war.

So what do you say?   Oranges or Lemons Chocolate Roulade?

adding lemon cream

Manuela, of Baking History is hosting this month’s  Sugar High Fridays, created by Jennifer of  The Domestic Goddess.   Manuela chose Sugar High Fridays #50:  Rolled Cakes,  which celebrate those old-fashioned desserts that are also known as  jelly rolls, Swiss rolls or roulades.

I chose to make  sweet Roulades, also called Swiss roll.  Roulades can be sweet as well as savoury.   The second most common form of roulade consists of sponge cake or cake baked in a flat pan rolled around a filling, such as rolled around jelly, chocolate buttercream, nuts or other fillings.

Lemon Roulade with chocolate

The sponge cake is the same for both roulades but to play this game you will have to chose one of the two:

Lemon and Chocolate Roulade

  • Prepare the Sponge Cake.

Ingredients for the Lemon filling:

  • 225 grams or 2 sticks butter at room temperature
  • 3 ½ cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon lemon zest
  • About 6 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 egg yolk
  • a few threads of saffron (to get extra yellow colour)


Sift the confectioner’s sugar and set aside.

Put butter into mixing bowl and start beating till smooth.

Add salt and lemon zest.

Reduce mixer speed and add sugar slowly so as to avoid creating a powdered cloud, a few tablespoons at a time.

Add egg yolk and two tablespoons of lemon juice (in which saffron was added). Continue mixing till very smooth.

Check consistency of frosting. If still too stiff, continue to add one tablespoon of lemon juice at a time until the right consistency is achieved. It should not be too stiff.

Ingredients for the Lemon Icing:

  • 1 egg white beaten
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon rind
  • 1 teaspoon lemon essence
  • A few threads of saffron (optional)
  • About 5 – 6 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar until the consistency of the icing is right.


Beat the egg white until stiff and add all the other ingredients until the icing has the right consistency.

Putting the Sponge Cake together:

Unwrap the sponge cake and spread the filling.  (The sponge cake may crack but don’t worry about that)

Then roll up again and add lemon icing.

Ingredients for the Chocolate ganache decoration:


Melt chocolate in the microwave for a couple of minutes a low temperature.  Repeat procedure until chocolate melts.   Mix in butter and fresh cream and keep mixing until it cools.

Taking chocolate with a spoon start decorating.


orange flavoured chocolate

Orange Cream Cheese Chocolate Roulade

Ingredients for the filling:

  • 300 grams of Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 250 ml (35%) whipping cream out of which 170 ml will be used
  • 2 tablespoons of icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon orange essence or 2 tablespoons orange marmalade

For chocolate ganache

  • 1 orange flavoured chocolate (125 grams) plus extra for shavings
  • 2 spoonfuls of the above cream cheese mixture
  • 80 ml whipping cream 35%

Prepare the same sponge cake as above, using the orange flavours.

Meanwhile prepare the filling.

Whip the whipping cream until it becomes stiff and add the cream cheese together with the orange essence and whip until cream cheese is incorporated.

If you are using orange marmalade, icing sugar is not necessary.

Refrigerate until the sponge cake cools down.

When the sponge cake is almost cold prepare the ganache.

chocolate roulade cut

Melt the chocolate slowly in a bowl over a pan of hot water (or in the microwave, as above) . When it has melted add the whipping cream and 2 spoonfuls of the cream cheese mixture and mix until they have all incorporated into a cream. Allow to cool slightly.

Meanwhile, unfold the roulade and remove the parchment paper. Spread the cream cheese mixture evenly and tightly roll again.

Before the chocolate cools completely, spread over the roulade to cover all the surface and sides.

With a vegetable peeler, shave some chocolate on top.


Well which one will it be?

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  1. A delicious roulade! Mmmhhh, I’m drooling! Nice poem ;-P….



  2. Ivy, the roulade turned out wonderfully and I think you should make a Yule Log!

  3. Somehow this reminds me of my favourite stocking stuffer a chocolate orange from the English company Terry’s. They have been in my stocking every year since I was a child. I love their orange flavour because the two flavours just marry so well. Your roulade looks delicious and I can just imagine its flavours…it has started my day off right.

  4. Good job Ivy! Looks wonderful and I am sure it tasted great. As for the children’s rhyme which you used for an intro, I was first introduced to it via George Orwell’s book “1984”. so it always has a somewhat somber note for me esp. the part about chopping off heads(!). In any case, a very detailed post and a wonderful dessert, thanks for sharing!

  5. That looks rustic and beautiful… I would love to have it sometime.

  6. Ivy now i can read the full post.
    Really difficult to choose, i would have both of them. I know i know i am greedy.
    I have always wanted to make this. Till now i have never tried them.

  7. Beautifully done Ivy! I think I prefer the orange one!

  8. Wow, they are both quite beautiful and I can imagine they taste amazing! I was thinking of making “kormos sokolatas,” a recipe for which I found in an article of Gastronomos tomorrow as I we will be having company again.

  9. What a fun post! I’ll take a sliver of each.

  10. They both look so delicious! How could I ever chose one over the other?! I love how you tied it in with the song and memories from your childhood. What a lovely post.

  11. Ivy I must try these! I love them, first I love anything citrus and sponge cakes are so wonderful!! Thank You!!

  12. Ooooh, can I eat all of both? Yum!

    Isn’t it interesting how traditional kids’ songs and poems are so violent? I wonder why?

  13. I learned this song as a kid too and I hated it because it had such a creepy ending after starting out so well (oranges and lemons, yum). It’s like that children’s song Ring Around the Rosy, which is about the bubonic plague! Now Oranges and Lemons makes me think of the book 1984… Your Roulades look delicious and not at all creepy though 😉

  14. These look delicious Ivy, especially with the chocolate drizzled over the top! YUM! Weird thing is, I don’t think I know of the song at all! How weird is that?

  15. giz

    Looks absolutely delicious. Maybe Psychgrad and I will attempt to not be such losers with anything that might remotely look like a jellyroll.

  16. Heyyyyy, I sang and learnt that poetry in school as well 😀 There were other nursery rhymes and poems too. Do you remember Ole King Cole or Sing a Song of 6 pence? As a kid I love eating roulade or swiss roll… I would unroll it before eating them LOL Guessed I have to learn how to roll again 😀 Thanks for recipe and made me remember those fun days !!!


  17. Ivy

    Hey Pixen, such sweet memories are hard to forget. I remember Ring a ring o’ roses, a pocket full of posies… Then I remember The big ship sails on the alley, alley oh…. Then another one: A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, to see what he could see, see, see.. I don’t remember Ole King Cole but I do remember Sing a song of 6 pence, Baa, baa, blachship.. etc. It’s strange how I can remember them after so many years…

  18. PG

    oooh my God! These look so very tempting! All of them. Yum yum yum!

  19. Ivy, thank you for participating in SHF #50. These rolled cakes look both wonderful, it is difficult to choose only one…however, lemon is my favorite 🙂