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Easy Apricot and other Stone Fruit Jam in 15 minutes

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Apricot Jam ready2

I have already posted the recipe for making Apricot Jam but this one deserves a separate post just to show you how quickly you can turn some ripe fruit into jam in no time.  It took 15 minutes from start to finish.

I bought these fruit six days ago and after eating as many as we could, they started becoming very ripe.  There were ten apricots left, a peach and a nectarine.  I still had a whole melon in the fridge which is enough until I go to the farmers’ market in two days, when I will buy more fruit, so I decided to make this quick jam.

Here are a few things you should know when making this jam:

You do not necessarily have to use the combination of all three fruit.  I added the nectarine and peach just because I had them.  You can use only apricots or combine them with other stone fruit, such as plums, prunes, etc.

  • Instead of using a pot, a non-stick frying pan will help reduce the time as the juices evaporate much quicker.
  • The amount of sugar to be added, depends on how sweet your fruit is, so just before the end you can taste and adjust by adding more.
  • You can substitute sugar with honey.
  • When mixing the fruit with the sugar at the beginning, if the fruit you are using are not very juicy, you can add some water, a little each time, until the sugar gets wet.
  • During the last five minutes, you need to stir it at regular intervals as it may stick to the pan.
  • For flavouring, I used rose geraniums and lemon zest, which add an amazing taste to the jam but if you cannot find rose geraniums, you can add vanilla, ginger or cardamom, if you like.
  • I did not peel the apricots and the nectarine.  The peel of the apricots is very thin so it’s not necessary to remove it.  If you like you can remove the peel of the nectarine.  See how to remove the skin in my post for Peach and Nectarine Jam.

Apricot Jam in a jar

Easy Apricot and other Stone Fruit Jam in 15 minutes

Preparation time:   2 minutes

Cooking time:   10 minutes

Makes:  1 jar about 500 ml


  • 10 ripe apricots, stoned
  • 1 nectarine stoned and cut into smaller pieces
  • 1 ripe peach, peeled, stoned and cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 geranium leaves
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice


Apricot Jam

1.  Wash and cut the fruit in the frying pan.  Add the sugar and rose geranium and stir until the sugar gets wet.  Put on the heat.   By mixing and pressing the fruit the juices will begin to be released from the fruit.

Mash the fruit


2.  Continue mixing and mashing the fruit.  A lot of juices will continue to be released.  At this stage add the lemon zest.

Mix apricots and add the zest


3.  When you see that the juices have evaporated, the jam is ready.   Wait until it cools and store in a sterilized jar, in the fridge.

You can use this jam on bread and butter for breakfast but also on top of Pasta Flora or on cheesecakes, crepes, ice cream, yoghurt etc.

1Apricot Jam

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Angie (

Friday 11th of July 2014

Looks awesome! Didn't know geranium leaves are edible. Thanks for sharing, Ivy.


Friday 11th of July 2014

Thank you Angie. Only the rose (fragrant) geraniums are edible.


Tuesday 8th of July 2014




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