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Krema Karpouziou me Ryzalevro (Watermelon Rice Pudding)

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I love to make fruit preserves and at the end when we eat the fruit there’s always some leftover delicious syrup, which has absorbed the flavour of the fruit but also of the ingredients added at the time of preparation.

I have been using leftover syrups in my recipes for ages but until recently, I have not used Glyko Karpouzi (Watermelon Fruit Preserve),  in any recipes nor have I seen it used by others.  I spent hours thinking of how to use it and have prepared a few recipes, which I will post in the future.

Today I am posting the recipe I made a couple of hours ago  using some leftover syrup.   The idea was a cross between Palouzes or Moustalevria, which is grape juice and flour and Mahalepi, which is milk or water with corn flour (starch) but starting the recipe with a roux.  This recipe is easy to make, it’s frugal, it’s eggless, it’s vegan, it’s gluten free, it’s nut free, it’s lactose free and above all I make good use of the leftover syrup from my which otherwise would go wasted.  This is the essence of Greek cuisine.   Isn’t that awesome!


You can find the recipe here.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi,

Sharing is caring!

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Thursday 30th of August 2012

This is a nice post. Thank you for sharing this yummy recipe of yours!


Wednesday 15th of August 2012

This is a great use of the leftover syrup! I hate to see something like a fruit syrup with so much flavor go to waste.


Wednesday 15th of August 2012

This looks really good! I'm not sure, but I think I've had this as a child.


Wednesday 15th of August 2012

Ellen, what you probably had is moustalevria because this is a recipe I just made up.


Tuesday 14th of August 2012

An interesting recipe and dessert! Surely divine.



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