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How to make Chestnut Puree

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After Boiling and peeling the chestnuts, you can use them in savory or sweet dishes.

In order to make a chestnut puree it is best to boil them in water, milk or both, depending on the recipe you want to make, until they become soft.  You then mash them the same way you would mash your potatoes.  For a sweet puree you should add sugar or honey and something to flavour it like vanilla.

How to make Chestnut Puree, recipe by Ivy


400 grams of boiled chestnuts

255 grams of milk (about 1 cup)

1 cup of sugar
1teaspoon of vanilla essence


1 can of sweetened milk
1 cup of water


You can boil them in a sauce pan but you should be there constantly as milk will overflow when it boils.

This will take about 20 minutes or you can place chestnuts and milk, just to cover the chestnuts and boil in double boiler (bain Marie) until soft.

This will take about 1 hour, checking it once in a while, but you will not have to worry about spilling the milk.Drain excess milk and reserve for another use, such as using it in a cream or a cake.

Puree the chestnuts the same way you would for mashed potatoes. I usually mash them with a hand mixer. If necessary add a little of the reserved milk.

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Friday 27th of March 2009

Just what I'm looking for! I 'd seen lots of chestnusts locally and I don't want to finish my last tin of Clément Faugier's Marron Glacé! yummmy.


Tuesday 23rd of December 2008

I have never heard of or eaten mashed chestnuts! I bet they are delicious.

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