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Cherry Mousse Millefeuilles

As I already told you I have some guests staying with us, as well as our son who came from Switzerland again, as he had to be interviewed for his Master Degree, which he will start after September.    The candidates are many and only a few will be accepted but the interview went well and he has good chances to be accepted.  My son will be leaving on Thursday and the other guests on Friday.

I have finally managed to put this post together in the mornings when everybody is asleep and do not want to wake them up. I posted my version of Millefeuilles last year and as much as I love that dessert just like it is, now that my cooking and baking skills have improved a little bit, I wanted to try something new in order to use some of my Cherry Compote.

The basic recipe is the same with the addition of the Cherry Mousse Cream.   I’ve made many desserts using gelatine, so I knew that in order to make the cherry mousse layer that I needed an equal amount of the pastry cream, so I needed to make about 1 litre cream.  Having that in mind I used a 1 litre container in which I kept adding the ingredients.  I could have used more syrup or more cherry compote or more heavy cream so as long as all these ingredients added up to 1 litre.

This elegant dessert is simple to prepare and tastes great.  Everybody liked it and asked for more.  It was light, not sweet at all and the cherry mousse with whole pieces of cherry compote in it, added additional taste to this already delicious dessert.

Cherry Mousse Millefeuilles – Recipe by Ivy

Preparation time: 2 hours (30 minutes to prepare creams and waiting time for the dessert to set)

Serves:  20




Sfogliatine biscuits

Pastry cream:





Egg yolks



(3/4 cup) sugar






Corn flour (Cornstarch)






Cherry brandy

Cherry Cream:



Gelatine (or 2 tbsp or 12 sheets)



Cold water



Cherry compote (without syrup) mashed



Cherry compote syrup



Heavy cream (35%)



Cherry compote (cut into pieces)

Whipping cream:



Heavy cream (35%)



Icing sugar



Vanilla essence



To make pastry cream see step by step instructions here.


Heat milk. In a saucepan add egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, flour, salt and ½ cup of milk and mix. Add milk and keep mixing with a whisk until the cream sets. Mix in cherry brandy liqueur and set aside to cool.


Dissolve gelatine with water and leave it for 5 minutes.


In a small saucepan heat the compote syrup together with the heavy cream and add the gelatine and mix but do not boil. Mix in the mashed cherries and the pieces of cherries and set aside to cool.


Whip the heavy cream with icing sugar and vanilla until peaks form and refrigerate.


To assemble the millefeuilles:   Place one layer of biscuits in a rectangle bowl 32 x 22 cm and pour a layer of cream over it. Allow to cool and set. With a spoon carefully add the cherry cream, a spoonful at a time, on top. Allow to cool and refrigerate until it sets. Add a second layer of biscuits and top with the whipping cream. Crumble about two biscuits on top or collect the broken ones as they are very delicate and sprinkle some icing sugar and cinnamon on top. Refrigerate at least one hour before eating.

My Cherry Compote finished today after making some Dulce De Leche with Yoghurt & Cherries Ice Cream

As well as the most delicious Black Forrest Cake with Cherries infused in Rum and..

You will have to wait until next week for these recipes as I really have some delicious savory recipes I want to post….

Sorry if I am not able to visit you soon but I shall do my best…

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    BTW, did your son bring you any raspberries?

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