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Chocolate Roulades

I have always found desserts with sponge cake exciting because there is so much you can do with it to meet your taste bud’s satisfaction. After making the sponge you can experiment in so many ways and with so many different ingredients and flavour. It’s been quite a long time since I last posted a …

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Lemon and Saffron Cake

Today we had two reasons to celebrate.   It’s my son’s birthday but it was also his graduation from the University.   Although the lemon cake was made for my husband ten days ago, I didn’t have the time to prepare the post for the new cake, which is a Vanilla and Chocolate Cake, so here is …

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Cherry Millefeuille

As I already told you I have some guests staying with us, as well as our son who came from Switzerland again, as he had to be interviewed for his Master Degree, which he will start after September.    The candidates are many and only a few will be accepted but the interview went well and …

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Sour Cherry Birthday Cake for George

  Today is my elder son’s birthday.   I made a basic Vanilla Sponge Cake which I cut into two layers, added some pastry cream and sour cherries in the middle and decorated it with whipped cream, chocolate and sour cherries. Happy Birthday George!! Sour Cherry Birthday Ingredients: Basic Sponge Cake Sour Cherries, for decoration Pastry …

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