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Elioti – Olive Roulade

Elioti – Olive Roulade

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The queen of taste, the black olive owes a lot to the Greek fertile earth which gifts it a superb light buttery taste, features in many pastry recipes.


Eliopsomo (Olive Bread)


Olives and Carrot Bread Sticks and rolls

Whole Wheat Focaccia with Kalamata Olives

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Makaronia tou fournou image
Makaronia tou Fournou or Pastitsio (Cyprus style)
Funny cooking video


Saturday 10th of November 2007

A very tasty pie. One of my favourites. I'm looking forward for one of those next week.

By the way, my birthday cake was delicious. Thank you.


Saturday 10th of November 2007

Shall post the olive bread much later on, I usually do it during lent. This recipe is not so bready.

Peter M

Saturday 10th of November 2007

I always look forward to my mom's olive bread and a Cypriot friend first taught her how. We also use Throumpes which are also my favourite olive.

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