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Kritharaki me Fakes (pronounced fakhés) is a pasta dish made with orzo and brown lentils. This is a different way of making the Cypriot dish called fakhés moudzentra, which is a staple lentil dish, cooked with brown lentils and rice and then caramelized onions, which are called “tiganissi”, are mixed in.

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The white giant  beans called “gigantes or elephantes” have been cultivated in Northern Greece (Kastoria, Florina, and Drama etc.,) for centuries and are recognized by the European Union as products of Protected Geographic Indication (PGI).  These black giant beans are a new Greek variety and are not widely known in Greek cooking yet. They are …

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Revithia giahni sti gastra is a vegan dish with stewed chickpeas, traditionally cooked in a clay pot and baked in a wood burning oven.  However, not all of us have wood burning ovens or clay pots but we can still cook it in a Dutch oven or any casserole dish in our home oven.   If you don’t have any of the above, use a baking tin which cover with an aluminium tent.

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Fava beans, in Greek Φούλια (foulia) is a legume similar to broad beans (ficia fava) in ancient Greek named κύαμος (κyamos) and in modern Greek κουκιά (koukia) and was one of the species of beans than existed in the ancient world.   Fava beans are mentioned by Homer (8th to 9th century B.C.).   Greeks …

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