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Tsipopita and an update

It’s been a while since my last post and I just wanted to keep you updated as I will continue my break indefinitely, until I am ready to come back.  I hope that you have missed me as much as I have missed all of you. I am really sorry I haven’t been visiting your …

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Nistisima Ladokouloura Portokaliou (Vegan Orange Olive oil biscotti)

Olive oil is a base for many Greek traditional cookies. There are many kinds of these cookies starting with the famous melomakarona (honey cookies), moustokouloura (must cookies), Sousamokouloura (sesame cookies), krasokouloura (wine cookies) and Ladokouloura (meaning olive oil cookies) , each one having a unique taste according to the ingredients added. Every Friday morning we …

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Trouffes (Chocolate Truffles)

Truffles are bite-sized chocolate confections, usually made from chocolate and cream (ganache) usually formed in a spherical, conical, or curved shape. Their name derives from their resemblance to truffles, edible fungi of the genus Tuber. In Greecek we usually make the truffles with leftover cake or biscuits, which we smash into smaller pieces and also add some toasted nuts or …

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