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How to roast Piperies Florinis (Greek Red Roasted Peppers)

The method for roasting peppers is the same for any kind of peppers, but I have chosen Piperies Florinis, which are red sweet peppers, named after the prefecture of Florina, where they are cultivated. Before giving my recipe, I wish to explain the easiest method for roasting peppers. There are many ways you can roast …

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Kalamata Olives (Elies Kalamon)

  Elies Kalamon (mostly known as Kalamata olives abroad), is a supreme variety of edible olives which are cultivated mainly in the Messinia (Kalamata) and Lakonia (Sparta) districts and in the wide area of Agrinion as well. The olive fruit is collected when it ripens from mid November till mid January. After the processing procedure (carving, salt solution, vinegar) we get …

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