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Stuffed Baked Apples

If you are craving something sweet and have no dessert at home, these baked apples are so easy to make, very healthy, considering there is no butter or eggs and satify your craving for something sweet. They are versatile and can be stuffed using different nuts, dried fruit, other alcoholic drinks, liqueur, red sweet wine, sugar, honey, maple syrup, fruit preserves, jams, spices etc.

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Nistisima Roxakia Portokaliou (Vegan Orange dough cookies)

Roxakia are Greek vegan, bicoloured, yeasted dough cookies, which after being baked are drenched in syrup. The original recipe is not vegan as it requires eggs and milk in the dough.  I have made my own Lenten version with no milk and no eggs and they were even better than the original ones. 

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