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Nistisimi Béchamel (Vegan)

The Béchamel sauce was introduced to Greece at the beginning of the previous century by a Greek Chef, Nicolaos Tselementes.

I believe all of you know what béchamel is but can you imagine a béchamel sauce without milk and eggs, to be rich and tasty and to be used by vegetarians and for Orthodox Lenten recipes?

This has been swirling into my head for quite some time now and I searched the internet to see if there were any béchamel recipes without eggs and milk.   I knew that I could make one using soya milk and soya cheese but soya is something I have never used as was out of the question.  The only recipe I did find was a recipe for nistisimi but making a roux and adding vegetable stock sounded very bland to me and unappealing.

I, therefore, decided to experiment and make my own version so that I can still enjoy a pastitsio or moussakas during lent. If it didn’t work, the worse thing that could happen was to eat the rest of the dish without the béchamel.

My vegan bechamel is a garlicky potato mash combined with some other ingredients which made it delicious and unique.

This vegan bechamel now brings vegan dishes to another level and you can now imagine how many other dishes you can make with this bechamel.

The recipe is included in my cookbook Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!

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18 Responses

  1. I am sure that all of the people fasting are kissing your fingertips right now Sis. They will love to be able to have some of their favourite dishes using your bechamel sauce

  2. Wow, that’s an unuasual recipe! Really interesting! Thanks for sharing…



  3. That’s brilliant Ivy! I would be sure to love it with mushrooms.

  4. WOW Ivy! You are so creative! You need to write these recipes down and make a book!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experimentation with us, Ivy. Bechamel sauce is so luscious, why not try making special versions of it? I’m all for it!

  6. Very creative idea! 🙂

  7. Wow wat a creativity Ivy…excellent bechamel with potatoes…

  8. That sounds soooo yummy! I will surely try it. I make bechamel with milk, butter, flour and nutmeg – but no egg. This vegan one with almonds, potatos and olive oil is simply amazing!

  9. Hmmm, interesting notion. I’ll waiting to see more results with your Nistisimi Bechamel…you could be onto something.

  10. A most interesting innovation on Bechamel. Sounds good to this vegetarian.:)

  11. Ivey, I have to hug you for this recipe. Recently I made the bechamel & kept wondering if i could do wihtout dairy. This is just awesome!!

    I love your chicken curry. My aunt used to make chicken curry which would have this exact light yellow color. I loved it & miss it.

  12. Wow, Ivy, very impressive. Looks great. You can’t go wrong with anything that starts with skordalia, in my mind. 🙂

  13. I’ll wait with Peter…

  14. It looks great, I was just reading your pasticio recipe and I have always been curious about a completely vegan recipe. My friend loves pasticio, but recently became vegan and I was hoping to surprise her with something for her birthday and you saved me!!!

    I can’t wait to try this!

  15. What a great read Ivy on Bechamel – will have to try this out.
    Rosie x

  16. This is genius Ivy! There are a lot of people fasting before Easter here as well. Thanks for sharing it with the Original Recipes Round-Up 🙂

  17. Alexis

    i madethis last year and loved it but didn't save the recipe. can you post it again please. thank you!

    • Ivy

      Unfortunately I am sorry but I cannot post recipes that are included in my cookbook.