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Food Event – Savory Pies

In Greece they say that we make pies out of anything. Almost anyone who has eaten Greek food is familiar with that wonderful Greek specialty spanakopita, or spinach pie, or the most renowned of Greek sweets, baklava. While one dish is savory and the other sweet, both are recognizable from their baked-up, golden, crispy appearance, …

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Spicy baked eggplants

When we went to Sparta I brought along a few things such as pasto and loukaniko, which I hope to be posting about soon, fresh eggs and honey. My sisters-in-law who live in villages just a few miles away from Sparta, have houses with big gardens with lots of flowers and grow their own vegetables …

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Eclipse over the Acropolis with a Greek Fish in parchment paper

The earth’s shadow swept past the moon late last night turning a shining full moon of August into a dim red one and finally blackening it out of view. The partial lunar eclipse occurred late in the night in Athens around 10 p.m.At about 9 p.m. my husband asked me if I wanted to go …

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Fat Chefs or Skinny Gourmets? – Round Up

  Ben and I would like to thank everyone for contributing a lovely creation to our first event “Fat Chefs or Skinny Gourmets?”. The participations were beyond our expectations and we have received wonderful, delicious and most of all healthy recipes, enough to keep us going for the rest of the summer. I am glad …

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