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Ten Tips to lose weight?

Now that we are entering the month of Christmas, it is important to be reminded of the Rules of Calories.

1.   Whatever you are eating while no one is watching, does not contain any calories.
2.   When drinking a sugar free fizzy drink while eating a chocolate bar, the calories in the chocolate bar is evened out by the fizzy drink.
3.   If you are eating together with other people, only count the calories you eat more than them.
4.   Food used for …medical purposes (e.g. hot chocolate, red wine, cognac etc.)  NEVER counts.
5.   The more you make other people eat, the thinner you appear.
6.   Food (e.g. popcorn, peanuts, fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets) which is a part of the cosy moment of watching movies or listening to music, does not contain any calories, as they are not consumed as a meal, but merely as a part of entertainment.
7.   Cake, confectionery and cookies contains no fat, if they are split into small pieces and eaten little by little, because the fat will evaporate when splitting them.
8.   Everything licked off a knife or spoon while cooking, contains no calories as it is done as a part of the cooking process.
9.   Foods having the same colour, contains the same amount of calories (e.g. tomatoes and strawberry jam, mushrooms and white chocolate).
10.   Frozen food (e.g. ice cream) contains no calories, as calories are a heating unit.

Ha, ha, just Joking!  Please, don’t take the above seriously!

You all know  that I have been on a diet these past six months and I have now lost 18 kilos (2.83 stones).

I won’t say it was easy but what I can say that it was not tiring or boring as I didn’t cook anything special for myself.  I continued cooking the food we eat, which is based on the Mediterranean Diet but with the combinations and amounts suggested by my Dietician Mr. Andreas Sampatakakis.  I have eaten all kinds of food which otherwise are not allowed in many diets, such as moussakas, pastitsio, dolmades, pizza, pasta, fricasse, psito sto fourno, fried food, etc.

Mr. Sampatakakis and I are now joining forces to write a Diet Cookbook, based on the Mediterranean Diet.  The scientific part which will include articles, advice, dietary programmes etc will be written by Mr. Sampatakakis and lots of healthy recipes written by me, will support the diet  to follow.

So, stay tuned…

Until then : Eat less, exercise more, put more fruits and vegetables in your diet, stay away from sugar as much as possible and don’t eat too much junk food.

Finally, I was recently interviewed by National RV Parks, so if you like, you can read my interview here.   Thank you Shane for chosing my blog.

Merry Christmas!

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi,

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31 Responses

  1. Six outstanding as always. You have demonstrated a great strength of character. Moreover I had already figured out that you were a person from many merits. A big hug, you soon.

  2. LOL! Congratulations! You look great.



  3. Rachael

    Μπράβο σου!

  4. You look fabulous Ivy, i so much wish I had the charachet to be like you. Looking forward to your tips from your diet.

  5. Ivy, I was so happy to read this post of yours up to the point of “Ha, ha, just Joking! Please, don’t take the above seriously!”. Officially you made me a very sad girl 🙁 !!!
    🙂 Congradulations, you look amazing! My mother will be thrilled to know that you succeded. Actually, she told me months ago that she was sure that you were going to make it.
    I am looking forward to the new book you are preparing now…

  6. Ivy

    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    What I forgot to mention in the post is that now I am perfectly healthy, I have lots of energy and my physical condition is that of a teenager:)

    • Please don`t say that to your family. They will expect more from you… 🙂 Trust me!!!

  7. Well done Ivy! You really look healthy and full of energy. You must really be proud of yourself 🙂

  8. I so wish #7 were true. Congratulations on your new cookbook project!

    • Ivy

      Ha, ha Lisa. I wish it were true as well. I miss disserts so much:)

  9. Omg, u looks fabulous Ivy, congrats on ur new cookbook project,thanks for sharing these fabulous tips..

  10. Congratulations on losing weight while still keeping the things you love. Inspiring stuff.

  11. Ha ha! Great tips Ivy!
    Good luck with your new book!

  12. Bravo, Ivy, on the diet cookbook venture! How exciting. Great tips, even if hard to read on my part at this time of year. Yes, you’re too right. Should pay attention!

  13. You look great. Congratulations on the new book — and best wishes for the holiday season.

  14. I always knew Ice creams dont have calories ;-). Thanks for confirming :p

    Its always good to be here on your blog. All the very Best for your upcoming book.

    P.S.: Ivy, I guess you need to optimize your blog a little, it loads pretty slowly 🙁

    • Ivy

      Thanks Mark. Any suggestions?

  15. hello ivy i stay tuned for the book to improve my beach look next summer !!Cheers from rainy paris !!pierre

    • Ivy

      Ah, oui. Magnifique 🙂

  16. Cakelaw

    Congratulations Ivy! Looking good

  17. Congratulations on your weight loss Ivy! You look wonderful! And on your book – what exciting news! I’m so happy for you.

  18. Congrats on the weight loss Ivy, you look great. Good luck with the book!

  19. Ivy, you look terrific! Awesome tips and your new diet cookbook sounds very exciting!

  20. You look amazing,Ivy!!!Great post..

  21. congrats on your loss, your list is super funny!! good luck with your new book, how exciting!!

  22. Your 10 tips were funny! My favorite was #8. I really need to admit that I eat at least 4 cookies before they go in the oven – but the spatula, spoon and bowl are spotless! 🙂 Congratulations on teaming up to write a cookbook. I’m excited to see what you produce!

  23. Oh I love you so…to funny my dear! And congratulations, you look amazing! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season 🙂

  24. Vera Porter

    You look fabulous Ivy, i so much wish I had the charachet to be like you. Ah, oui.

  25. I agree that running is the best exercises because it helps us to burn the calories. In order to successfully reduce weight one should eat 5-6 times per day, a small meal, instead of 3 heavy meals. Avoid use of vehicles for small distances and use staircases instead of lifts at your workplace as well as your home. Exercising is one of the best ways to burn calories. Thanks a lot.

  26. Claire

    That really amused me, I think that its fair to say that as far as decembers go I have got through this one without doing too much wrong!

  27. Hilarious! the first one is my favorite. LOL

    Ivy, you look great, losing 18 kilos is very impressive. Well done.