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Lavraki Psito (pr. Lah-VRAH-ki psee-TOH) is grilled sea bass.  Greek fresh fish is so delicious that actually we just add a few ingredients, such as salt, pepper and oregano before grilling it.  We then serve it with some ladolemono on top.

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Gavros Plaki (baked anchovies) is one of the relatively cheap fish and that is why it is called “fish of the poor”.

During the season it is fished in abundance it ranges around 4 – 5 Euros a kilo and when the catch is not good, around the period when there is full moon, it reaches maximum 10 Euros a kilo.

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Savoro, which means sour, is a sauce which my mother used to make whenever we had fried fish such as red red mullets (μπαρμπούνι), mullets (κουτσομούρα) or other fish like bogue (γόπα) etc.  The combination of vinegar and rosemary is a method they used to preserve food back when there were no refrigerators.

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