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Creative Concoctions #5 Roundup & Voting

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Another Creative Concoctions Event has come to an end with a little disappointment to see only a few entries.

Elais -Unilever Hellas, has been very generous offering lots of olive oil to send worldwide and I wish to thank them for this.

The word creative may have probably scared a few lot away but this is not a talent show and my intention is not to scare you away but to acquaint you with a very good product:  Greek extra virgin olive oil.  There are no judges or committees here to disqualify you but a voting poll where other bloggers will vote for you, so your chances to win do not depend on your cooking skills but on the votes you get.

Here are the entries by  three very talented bloggers, in the order I have received them and if you have never visited them before, please visit them to see the wonderful recipes they have been concocting:

Eftychia, of Dream of Cakes, has participated again with some Halva Treats. Eftychia rolled some yeasted dough to make different kinds of treats using Halvas.

Note:  If you don’t know what halvas is you can read an older post of mine.

Reeni, of Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice, has made Zucchini & Lime Olive Oil Scones.  As Reeni describes them, they are lightly sweet, soft,  speckled with zucchini shreds and tangy lime are a pure, delicious joy to eat. The addition of olive oil gives them a tender crumb and a light texture that melts in your mouth.

Simona, of Briciole, has made a Savory Zucchini & Carrot Cake.   Inspired by a zucchini and carrot soufflé which Simona read in an Italian magazine, she turned that recipe into an airy and fluffy savory cake.

Finally, I made two recipes:

Strawberry Coconut Olive Oil Cake.   There isn’t much to say about this recipe.  I have been seeing Strawberry Cakes around the blogosphere but wanted to make one playing with ingredients I like, so I made it using olive oil and desiccated coconut.


Olive Oil Beetroot & Chocolate Karydopita. I have also been seeing cakes with beetroots and wanted to make one.  However, each time I was reluctant as I know that if I mentioned the name beetroots in a cake, my family would never eat it.  I had the vacum packed beetroots in the refrigerator for a couple of months until the idea struck me.  I decided to make something familiar which they loved, which is Karydopita, a Greek traditional walnut cake which is drenched in syrup and incorporate the beets together with chocolate.


You will find the poll on the side bar, above the Google translator, so please vote the most creative recipe.   It may take a few minutes for the poll to appear, so please wait until it does.

The 2 winners will be announced here on this post on the 15th June, 2011.

Update 14/6/2011:

Congratulations to the winners, Reeni & Simona.  Please e-mail me with the information required in order to pass them on to Elais.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!

Sharing is caring!

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Mark Stevens

Friday 30th of September 2011

Wow.. I happened to reach your blog from the commentluv plugin post, & being a vegetarian found little choices. But the cakes.. They look really yummy I must tell you. My wife is always at me for not able to cook at all. I guess I have got the idea of what to do (prepare a strawberry cake ;-)) on her Birthday on 4th October :D

Cheers, Mark


Friday 24th of June 2011

Hai Dear

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Friday 17th of June 2011

I was trying to enter a cake to your enter but I guess I missed the deadline ... everyone's entry looks delish. I will trying them out for sure! My recent post Tcherek Msaker


Monday 13th of June 2011

I have to admit I tried to bake an olive oil cake but it tasted a lot like a savoury cake with sugar, so I was not convinced enough to share the recipe! Hopefully I'll have more luck at the next round. I'll give a try to these delicious treats to learn a bit more about what works and what doesn't in the meanwhile. Thanks for the roundup!


Monday 13th of June 2011

This was my first time baking with olive oil and it won't be my last! Thank you for challenging me to try it Ivy, I was so happy with the results. And thanks for hosting - the entries look wonderful!


Monday 13th of June 2011

Thank you very much Reeni for participating. I am glad that it worked out for you.

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