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Koutsomoures Savoro (Red Mullets with Savoro Sauce)

Savoro, which means sour, is a sauce which my mother used to make whenever we had fried fish such as red red mullets (μπαρμπούνι), mullets (κουτσομούρα) or other fish like bogue (γόπα)etc.  The combination of vinegar and rosemary is a method they used to preserve food back when there were no refrigerators.

Whenever we had fried fish, she would always make more so that we could have leftovers, to make savoro, which was a delicious mezes.



The classic Cypriot version of savoro as I remember it from my mother was that she would use the leftover oil after frying the fish to make a thick tomato sauce, with which she would cover the fish.

The recipe is included in my cookbook Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste as well as in Volume 1 of the e-cookbook.

Kopiaste kai Kali Orexi!!

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15 Responses

  1. A healthy and tasty fish dish! Lovely!



  2. The sauce with rosemary sounds fantastic, and your fish are so fresh and pretty! Would love to taste this.

  3. That sauce sounds delicious! Love fish dishes and this one sounds fantastic.

  4. What an interesting sauce Ivy and I love red mullet. One of my favorite fish!

  5. Red mullets are totally used in Lebanese fish cooking too! Sultan Ibrahim is the name, anyway, they are fried usually. Yum! Interesting sauce, too

  6. Ciao Ivy ! I love your dish ! It’s funny because it’s like the savòr of Venise !!!!

    • Natalia, I am sure there is a Venetian influence in this dish as well because they make a similar dish in the Ionian islands as well.

  7. what a delicious fish,ivy,the savory sauce,looks fantastic!

  8. My mum used to panfry these for the dinner table …. simply fresh and great.

  9. Oh but that looks SO good to me. I'm very hungry now!

  10. Red Mullet (plural), one of my favourite fish!

    • Thanks for pointing it out Peter. I saw it written in Wikipedia

  11. I like red mullet a lot. The last time I had some was in Sicily (too long ago!) This is a very interesting sauce.

  12. I know I have heard of savoro before but never tried it. It looks and sounds delicious Ivy … a lovely sauce for this tasty fish. I love barbounia and I can often find them here in the fish markets.

  13. Ironically, we ate red mullet yesterday but nothing as grande as this – grilled only! I wish I wouuld have saw this recipe yesterday =(