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Shower of Awards – Thank You!

I have been honoured with a lot of Awards during the past few weeks but a lot of events have got me out of my scheduled program.

First of all I made this unexpected trip to Switzerland, which was a last minute decision and coming back I had lots of e-mails and the google reader had more than three hundred posts, which I am still striving to read but each day more are add to it. I hope that you will forgive me if I have not yet visited you but I hope that tomorrow I will try and read all the posts in my reader.

Soon after my return I had the roundup of the World Food Day Event to prepare and at the same time Val, of More than Burnt Toast, Giz, of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and I were discussing ways to contribute more substantially to the World Food Program, so we were working on BloggerAid, as well.

Although BloggerAid is still in its infant stage, I began writing this post with nine members and by the time I finished the post we had three more and so we are now twelve members and hope that day by day we will be growing.

Please come and join us! It’s free. Some may think that by joining you will have to pay something.

No. You don’t. You may donate but only if you feel like doing this.

Through our efforts we are looking for ambassadors in as many countries as possible to become the representatives of their corner of the world. It’s not necessary to have just one ambassador per country. If you feel you have a contribution to make we really would love to hear from you.

Your contribution as a Member or an Ambassador could be…but not limited to:

1) As simple as raising awareness on your blog for world hunger
2) Hosting an event that connects with this key issue (we have already had several volunteers!!!)
3) Hosting a fundraiser small or large that can generate money for the World Food Programme , the United Nations’ frontline agency
4) Drawing media attention to all of our efforts
5) Provide something that can be auctioned through our forum… a cookbook or any other object of your choice that may be for this purpose with proceeds to be noted as a donation by your country (It is exciting to note we already have some donations as well!!!!)
6) Endorsements by people in the food business… chefs, restaurateurs, publishers of cookbooks, critics, online food based programs or communities.

We can’t stand alone. We need you.

Now to the Awards.

I have never mentioned that I have a page only for the Awards and I hope that you have checked it out. There is so much love in the blogosphere.

Yasmeen, of Health Nut, has awarded me with Great Buddy Award.

I am passing this on to:

Val, of More than Burnt Toast

Ben, of What’s Cooking

Nuria, of Spanish Recipes,

Deeba, of Passionate about Baking

Cakelaw, of Laws of the Kitchen

Hopie, of Hopie’s Kitchen, has awarded me with the Yum-Yum Award.

I am passing this on to:

Yasmeen, of Health Nut,

Lubna Karim, of Yummy Foods,

Lisa, of Lisa’s vegetarian Kitchen,

Rosie, of Rosie bakes a “peace” of cake,

Maria, of The Goddess’s Kitchen,

Emile, of Sugar Plum

Yasmeen, of Health Nut, has awarded me with Kreativ Blogger Award.

I am passing this one to:

Giz & Psychgrad, of Equal Opportunity Kitchen

Teresa, of Mexican-American Border Cooking

Peter, of Souvlaki for the Soul

Sylvia, of La Vida en Buenos Aires

Arfi, of HomemadeS

Lubna Karim, of Yummy Foods, has awarded me with 360o Foodie Award.

This is an award to all our fellow foodie bloggers who take the effort and give every dish they prepare a 360 degree eye view.

I am passing this on to:

Peter, of Kalofagas

Sam, of Greek Food, Recipes and Reflections

Hopie, of Hopie’s Kitchen,

Jessie, of The Hungry Mouse,

Susan, of Food Blogga

Yasmeen, of Health Nut, has awarded me with Inspiration Award.

I am passing this on to:

Lore, of Culinarty,

Nik, of Nick’s Snacks

Elly, of Elly say’s Opa

Coco, of Coco Cooks

Bobby, of Blog Chef

Pixen, of Life Loves the Curious

Jessie, of The Hungry Mouse, has awarded me with the 2008 Fabulous Food Blogger Award.

I am passing this on to:

Rosa, of Rosa’s Yummy Yums

Jenn, of The Leftover Queen,

Sangeeth, of Art of Cooking Indian Food

Maria, of Kali Orexi

Joan, of Foodalogue,

Teresa, of Mexican-American Border Cooking, has award me with the Superior Scribbler Award.

I am passing this on to:

Ning, of Heart and Hearth

Mike, of Mike’s Table

Sunita, of Sunita’s World

Gloria, of Foods and Flavours of San Antonio

Cynthia, of Tastes Like Home

I don’t think I’ll make it to your blogs tonight to pass the Awards on to you, as it is late, but if you don’t find out about it yourselves, I will certainly visit you tomorrow.

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43 Responses

  1. Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!

    Thanks for giving me one ;-D!!! I’m honored…

    Cheers and have a great week,


  2. Darling Ivy, that is a lot of emails!!!!!! I would go nuts with so much to read ;D
    Take it easy and one step after the other 😀

    As I told Val, I would love to be an Ambassador but I feel my english is not good enough to deal with all the things that will come from this decision. I feel ok when talking about food and recipes but these are big words, it’s an important theme! I’ll do any other things to help: talk about the events, post recipes to participate… anything else you suggest.

    Wow, you will need more pages in your Awards space… Congratulation Ivy! You deserve them so!

    Thanks for passing me the Great Buddy Award. You are too sweet♥♥. You are a great Buddy too!

  3. Wow no kidding that is indeed a shower of awards? congrats to all the awards you received.

  4. Ivy

    Thanks Rosa. Have a nice week as Well.

    Nuria, I am still shocked seeing you naked. ;P

    About English, I am glad there is someone else who feels just like I do about the language problems but I am sure you will contribute as much as you can. Thanks a lot. That’s what buddies are for.

  5. giz

    Many congrats on all the well deserved awards. If I had to pick the hardest working blogger, you would be it. Do you even sleep?
    Thank you also for such a lovely award. Wait til you see my “Kreativ” interpretation of Greek food. I’m sure you’ll make it across the ocean without a plane 🙂

  6. Ivy, congratulations on your awards, well-deserved as always! Thank you for awarding me with the 360° Foodie Award! Much appreciated and as always, my best to you and your family. 🙂

    Be Well,


  7. Hvi, congrats on being feted with so many awards and thank you for spreading the love!

  8. Ivy, thank you so much this award. You are so lovely. And you have a kind and giving heart. Have a lovely holiday weekend my dear friend.

  9. Oh thanks Ivy! and congrats..I am all excited 🙂

  10. Congrats on all your fitting awards:). I’m joining in the Bloggeraid Club:)

  11. Christmas has come early with all those award presents. Thanks for including me in such good company. There’s a couple of bloggers here I haven’t visited yet and I’m excited to do so.
    Welcome back from your trip. BTW, the little issue we discussed with the sign-in on Blogger Aid persists. Do you remember?

  12. And thank you Ivy for passing me the Yum Yum Yummy award:)

  13. Thanks for the award ivy, i love your blog too!

  14. Such a kind and caring woman you are. Thank you so much for the award Ivy.

  15. Thank you Ivy! I really appreciate it. I know what you mean–I’ve been so sick again the last week that I have had barely any time to read posts or post my own. I am just starting to feel better but now there’s Thanksgiving to host in a few days and my son’s birthday two days after that so I have a lot of cooking, cleaning and decorating to get to!

  16. Wow – look at all of those awards. Your hard work definitely pays off! Thank you for passing on to award to us!

  17. Thanks Ivy! God! You’re busier than the Academy Awards!!!…LOL All the best.

  18. Congratulations on all your awards! You truly deserve the shower and more! And thank you for sharing a special one with me. Me a superior scribbler?? Thank you very much for the honor. Like Nuria, English is not my first language. But I am trying hard… Thank you very much for the inspiration and encouragements!!!

  19. Ivy

    Giz, thanks a lot. As we grow old we sleep less ;P I’ll be waiting to see what you have created.

    Sam, thanks. Hugs and kisses to Ilias.

    Peter, you’re welcome.

    Teresa, thanks and the same to you.

    Sangeeth, thanks a lot.

    Yasmeen, I saw this morning that you have already joined. Thank you very much.

    Joan. Thanks. I saw that you have also joined. I suppose the problem has been solved. Thanks for joining.

    Bobby. You are always welcome.

    Lisa. What can I say but thank you. The same goes for you.

    Maria. Perastika. I hope that you are feeling much better now as you have a lot to do with Thanksgiving and the Birthday Party.

    Psychgrad. You are welcome.

    Peter. Hilarious!! And the Award.. goes to…..

    Ning. I can understand the language problems. It’s much more difficult than it looks. For someone to write a post it might taken him ten minutes and for not being our native language, for writing the same things, it may take us hours.

  20. Congrats on all the awards! you’re very deserving and put in a lot of work!

  21. Ivy,

    Wow! Congratulations on your shower of awards. You so deserve them. You have a beautiful soul–Blogger Aid will help so many people and I’m very happy to be part of it.
    Thank you so much for the Superior Scribbler Award. And for giving it to my new blog. I guess I do scribble a lot; I’ve written 27 books. 🙂

  22. Congrats on all your lovely awards…Happy times!!

  23. Thank you, Ivy! You’ve always been so good with awards.
    Congrats to you!

  24. Ivu deadline for my event is 20th december, and instead of a round up i am posting them while i get the entries so everyone, blogers and non bloggers get idea if they want to give something home made for their loved ones.
    Here is the link

  25. Yay, a present for me? Thank you so much Ivy and congrats for the awards plethora!

  26. Ivy

    Cakebrain, thanks very much.

    Gloria, You do scribble a lot! 27 cookbooks, wow! I envy you (in the good sense, of course).

    Thank you Swati.

    Thank you Emile.

    Happy Cook, you’ll have my entry soon.

    Lore,I love it when I see Greek words used: “plethora”. Not even the younger generation of Greeks know these words. I am thrilled you have joined BloggerAid. Thanks a lot.

  27. All of these awards are so well deserved sis!! Thank you so much for the award it means so much to me coming from you!!!All for one and one for all!!!!!

  28. You’re doing a great job Ivy – congratulations for getting out there and making a difference. Also, congratulations on all of your awards – it shows how much people appreciate your friendship and your work. And thanks for the award – very much appreciated :).

  29. Oh gosh, thank you, Ivy! 😀

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  30. Thanks a mill for the buddy award dear Ivy…am really glad I met you & am glad to be your friend. You deserve the shower…you are one of the hardest working bloggers I have met. Will be signing up for the forum as soon as I get a handle on life…sorry I didnt reply to your mail as yet. Take care Ivy & loads of love…

  31. Huge congrats Ivy on your award very well deserved!! I understand about getting snowed under with things and I’ve been a little out of the loop resting my back up lately. I am very honoured to have an award passed on to me – thank you SO much Ivy 🙂

    I did receive your email to join the group that’s on my list of things to do too 🙂

    Hugs Rosie x

  32. Ivy

    Val,thank you so much, Un pour tous, tous pour un.

    Cakelaw, thanks a lot.

    Jessie, thanks also.

    Deeba, don’t worry about the e-mail. Shall be looking forward to having you with us whenever you can.

    Rosie, I hope you are feeling much better with your back. Thanks a lot even for being willing to bake again for the Bake Off but you have done your share of baking and I appreciate it.

  33. Ciao Ivy ! congratulazioni sei bravissima !!! I’d love to join your group if you think I can be of any help to you ! Let me know !!

  34. Ivy

    Natalia, grazie tanto. We’d love to have you as a member so please join and I am sure you will have a way to contribute.

  35. Thank you Ivy,
    There is a lot of love in the blogosphere!

  36. Hey Ivy, Congrats on all your well deserved awards 🙂

  37. WOw congrats on ur awards Ivy… Really u deserve them all…Am happy to see ur comments on my blog..thanks for visiting my blog..

  38. Congrats and thank you for the award Ivy! Sorry I didn’t get over here sooner. I’ve been so busy!

  39. Thanks a lot Ivy , you are so kind.

  40. Hi Ivy,

    Thank you again for another award. You deserved all the awards available 🙂 Not only you’re a great cook with those salivating recipes but also a great mother with kind soul who are willing to help others who were less fortunate in any ways you can. You’re one of the examples that’s to be follow… I’m glad to have you as my friend online and offline 😀 Please take care of your health too.

    Warmest & Best wishes to you and family!

  41. Ben

    First of all, I think that what you and Val are doing is amazing. I’ll try to give you guys some exposure on my blog soon. Second, congratulations for all the awards you have received, you deserved them all and thanks for passing one to me. I will display it on my blog proudly! Cheers my friend!

  42. I am flattered by the award, Ivy. And you, my dear, are awesome! Congratulations on your clutch of awards! They are well deserved.

  43. Dear ivy,

    Congrats on your awards…very well deserved. And thanks for passing one to me. Sorry for being late in responding, was not keeping well.