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Bourekia me Freskia Anari – Pastries with Fresh Anari Cheese

Bourekia is  a pastry made with a thin flaky  phyllo, and are filled with anari which is the Cypriot name of the cheese, which is similar to anthotyros or ricotta.   Anari is a white soft whey cheese which is produced when making halloumi or kefalotyri.    It has a delicate, creamy flavour, slightly sweet, …

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Xynomyzithra is a cheese indigenous to Chania, Crete. It is a low fat cheese, similar to soft myzithra and anthotyro in texture. It is made from sheep’s and/or goat milk but I do not know if anything else is added to it. I only know that it is left 24 hours at room temperature and …

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Anthotyros (Myzithra) or Anari and Manouri

Anthotyros (from the words anthos meaning flower and tyros meaning cheese),  myzithra or anari, which is the Cypriot equivalent, are traditional cheeses which are manufactured from ewe’s milk – and/or goat-milk whey.  After making hard cheeses such as kefalotyri, graviera, halloumi etc., goat or sheep’s milk is added respectively to the whey and these cheeses …

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