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I miss you all..

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  I am writing this post as some of you are e-mailing me, wondering why I am not around.  Thank you all for asking.

First of all my husband and I went on vacations for a few days.  We went to Evia, which is an island very close to Athens, we went to Nafplio, Peloponnese, stayed there a few days and then stayed at Tolo, which is near Nafplio.  We also went to Sparta for a few days and shall be going again tomorrow morning and coming back on Monday.  We did not visit all the places during one trip but went back and forth to Athens, as I had some medical examinations planned during this month.

Some of my medical examinations were not so good and showed that I have a heart problem called ishemia.  The doctors advised that I should exercise more and loose weight but also told me to relax and stay away from stressful situations.  Blogging has been quite stressful for me and I have been spending too many hours in front of the computer.  That is one of the reasons why I have not been blogging and visiting you but also to avoid all the temptations by reading recipes all day long.

I’ve been following doctors’ orders and have been doing some exercise, either swimming or walking, I have been watching more television, mostly in the afternoon when I am resting, I have become a fan of Gordon Ramsy’s Nightmares in the Kitchen, I have been sleeping more and of course cooking and eating much healthier meals.

On Tuesday I will be going into hospital, this time for a final examination, as the thallium stress test showed that an artery is probably blocked but before taking further action, the doctor will make one final examination of the coronary artery, I think it is called an angiography, by making an incision from the groin (thigh) to examine the artery and will see what has to be done but I am hoping for the best.

It may take a while until I post again but until then take care.

I am leaving you with some photos I took during our vacations. I have taken a lot of beautiful photos but will make a separate post which I hope to post when I start blogging again.

Evia, Amarynthos sea front:

Nafplio, Bourdji Castle:

Nafplio, Old town, full of bougainvilleas.  View from our Hotel room:

Tolo, view from our Hotel:

Tolo, View opposite the hotel:  Koronisi

Tolo: beach

Tolo: sunrise

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42 Responses

  1. Dear Ivy, my wishes and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself and come back only when you can. We will be there.

    And thanks for sharing those lovely pictures 🙂

  2. Ciao Ivy ! I was wondering about you ! I’m sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope you artery is fine . You photos are so beautiful I’m sure you were more than happy in vacations with your husband !! I send you a big hug

  3. Hi Ivy – I miss you too, but I so understand focusing on your health and taking good care of yourself. Blogging gets oddly stressful. And I so understand the temptations of recipes. I have not been reading food blogs as much since June because of that reason and my own diet. Take good care of yourself. I send you good wishes for Tuesday.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Ivy! It’s so important to take of yourself and we understand. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  5. Hey Ivy!

    Sorry to hear about your recent health issues. “Perastika” sou…just have plenty of rest and relaxation and come back whenever you are ready! Gordon Ramsay is a lunatic but a damn good chef!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear that :-(. I really do hope that the tests will be ok and that you have nothing serious. Please, don’t stress, relax and all the best with you exercising! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    I love Gordon Ramsay and his TV programs!


    Rosa xoxo

  7. Hi Ivy!

    Best wishes on your Healing Journey!! Thanks so much for the stunning photos of Greece as I’ve always imagined it! And thanks, also, for taking the time to share with us all about the challenges you are facing. My thoughts are with you!

  8. Hey there Ivy. Am rooting for some good news for you, but it does sound like you are taking some positive steps toward looking after yourself. Your photographs of your holiday are beautiful and fill me with longing to visit that part of the world again. My thoughts and good wishes are there for you.

  9. Hi Ivy, Look after yourself and enjoy your marvellous holiday, knowing that our thoughts are with you. Thanks for the lovely holiday snaps – I want to be there myself!

  10. Hi Ivy… my warmest and best regards to you. Take your rest from blogging as much as you want… but do keep us update of your status ok. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures 🙂 Would love to visit the places one of these days.

    Also, do keep away from the haze covering Athens now, OK. It really reminded me of the haze I suffered from the forest and open burning from Indonesia 🙁

    I do wished who ever started such bad intentions for their own gained would suffered the consequences.

    Take care please… really missed you much :’-(

  11. Ivy – be well and take the rest you need. Get healthy, darling!

  12. Hi Ivy,

    Nice to see u back……my best of best wishes with you dear….nothing to worry….. practice yoga/meditation…it is good stress buster….enjoy healthy cooking and be brave…..take care dear….

  13. Ivy – you are in our thoughts right now as you go through this difficult time. Please know that we are wishing you all the best for positive results in your upcoming tests, and a speedy recovery. If there is anything that we can do to help support you from across the pond, please do not hesitate to ask.

    (thank you for the pictures as well! They were gorgeous.)

    Take care, and rest up!

  14. Nancy

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. It sounds like you are making some good life changes to take better care of yourself.

    I was so glad to see pictures from Nafplio and Tolo–two of our favorite places to go on holiday! I hope your time was restful.

    Wishing you good outcomes of your upcoming tests.

  15. Oh, Ivy, so sorry to hear about your heart and artery – praying you get better soon!

    I was reading about all the fires in Athens and hoping you were OK.

    Looks like the holidays were a good way to relax – how gorgeous!

    I haven’t been reading recipes lately, either, as I realized I was just getting too caught up in it. Almost a clean break! I still indulge every now and again, just for a few minutes.

    Many blessings as you rest and recover, and don’t worry, all the blogs will still be here when you get back!

  16. Dear Ivy, No worries, you take complete rest. We will miss you but your health is so important. So take care and keep us updated how you are doing, whenever you find time.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, wonderful places.

  17. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos in a difficult time. It sounds like resting and taking care of your health must be your number one priority now, so by all means do that. We’ll send good energy your way.

  18. Liz

    Hi Ivy,

    We have been at Tolo beach the last couple of weeks but not every day and quite early in the morning! I wonder if we passed each other?

    As for your tests, it may be uncomfortable for you and a bit of a concern but its one of those things where you must listen to the doctors. It must be very difficult for you to avoid cooking all the lovely things you love to cook! Even more difficult to resist eating them since you are such a GOOD cook! 🙂 Anyway, I hope you will soon be feeling much better and back with us, cooking and posting.

    I’ll email you soon,


  19. So sorry to hear about your heart problem dear 🙁
    Do take care !! Lots of best wishes are with you so dont worry things will get better 🙂
    Lovely clicks dear 🙂

  20. Dimitris

    Hey Ivy,

    I hope it all goes well tomorrow and that you feel 100% soon.
    Take good care

  21. Hello Ivy
    I shall be thinking of you..
    take care

  22. heart n soul

    Perastika Ivy!
    I have to say, too much computing (internet, blogging, reading recipes all the time) is bad for health, it does take its toll, so do have a break and enjoy healthier eating and a more active lifestyle, I’m planning to do the same!

  23. Ivy, my prayers are with u..Do take care…relax urself..

  24. Ivy, So sorry to hear about your health issues but you’re doing the right thing by following the doctor’s orders though you might have to re-think your TV choice…Gordon Ramsey is very stressful!

    Good luck with everything and I hope to see you back soon…perhaps posting low-calorie baklavah and low-fat moussaka! 🙂

  25. Ivy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that everything turns out to be alright and I hope that your change in lifestyle and the vacations to the beautiful places you have gone to helped improved your health and spirits!

    Take care of yourself and you know we’ll all be here when you’re ready to come back!


  26. kat

    Hi Ivy, I love the posts and photos you share with us, but your health and well being are so much more important. Years ago I felt a responsibility to post every few days, answer questions and keep up with everything, so I understand the work and stress involved. Today I don’t do that even though (like your Web site) there are more visitors.

    Real life is still more a priority over a digital life. My blessings are with you for Tuesday and always.

  27. Hi Ivy!
    Sorry to hear that, I hope everything goes well from now on and that you manage to overcome this difficult time. In the meantime get some rest and enojoy the rest of the summer in Greece!
    All the best,


  28. Dear Ivy, I’m so sorry to hear about your heart problems. I hope your examination goes well and the doctors are able to do everything they need to make you all better. Get plenty of rest!

  29. dear ivy,thank you for this photos !i’am very sad to hear about your medical problems…i wish you good luck!

  30. OMG yes I been checking for new posts from you Ivy, but I am glad to hear you are off vacationing. And I hope you will recover from your medical issues.

    I have actually been to Tolo few years back … I must say one of the best beaches I have ever been to … the water isn’t too deep … and I remember one aclove which was so serene and peaceful where we spent morning sunbathing … O how I wish to return there I have told myself many times!

    Wonderful pix … cannot wait to see more recipes!

  31. I’m so sorry to hear that, Ivy. Take good care of yourself!

  32. Best of luck on your procedures and recovery Ivy. Ischemia is a very serious condition, and depending on where it is, you have to upmost careful. Just take it easy and follow his instructions, it sounds like you are doing great.

  33. Hey Ivy take care of urself…u will be in my paryers…n trust me u ‘ll sail through.

  34. Did wonder where you were. Sorry to hear about your illness. Its serious enough but can be taken care of medically. My mother-in-law had IHD with lots of other complications, but with medication, proper diet, exercise and rest she lived quite an active and productive life till 87.
    So don’t worry, you can be fine with proper care.
    Take care and remember your health is the most important thing.

  35. Ivy, do take care and all the best. You are certainly missed!


  36. ciaooo ivyy.
    I’m so sorry to read that you nor feeling well.
    I was immagine you on holiday, resting and having fun.
    don’t worry about the blog, when you feel better and have time to spear..you come back. 🙂
    the exame you must do is important to actually understand how the arteria is.
    it will be alright, dear…but nevertheless I will send all my postive energy to you.
    a big hug, ivy…one of those very tight!

  37. Very sorry to hear of your heart condition. Our prayers & thoughts are with you. Please take care of yourself and take good rest, you deserve it. I just loved all the pictures (wish I was there), I guess you need to do alot more of such vacations. Take care and hope to see you soon when you are better.

  38. Hi Ivy,
    Nice pictures..
    I am sure you will be allright soon and come back to blogging with the same enthusiasm as always..
    take lots of care..

  39. I hope everything went well with your test today Ivy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Such beautiful pictures! I hope the rest and relaxation helped. *HUGS*

  40. Hope you are taking good care dear.Glad to know you are recovering well from the surgery.My prayers and best wishes for you and your family.

  41. Perastika Ivy kai panta siderenia! I hope you are feeling better and that things are starting to look up. Your pictures are beautiful and it seems you had a wonderful time on vacation … now take it easy from here on out and focus on yourself and your health as that comes before anything.

    Kalo xeimwna!

  42. Benfinn101

    Tolo, View opposite the hotel: Koronisi is my favorite scene.. i rely love it…