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Mpezedes and Apricot Compote = Apricot Meringue Dessert

It’s been a while since I posted a dessert, not that I don’t have any recipes to post but subconsciously I want to avoid them as much as possible, as I am trying to keep away from them 🙂

I have been eating healthier and lighter for the past month, not following any diet but I have stopped eating sweets, indulging to a light dessert only once a week only and eating grilled food with salads, legumes and a ladero (plural ladera) once a week.

When I finish posting a few more recipes I have promised friends to participate at their events, I shall start posting some of these dishes, which I consider healthier.

To start with, I made mpezedes early in June, one day when I made another dessert using only egg yolks.   Mpezes, plural Mpezedes are meringue cookies which are very easy to make and can be eaten plain or used as a base for other desserts.  Mpezedes should be crispy outside and soft in the core.

I still got some in an airtight container as they can be preserved for a very long time.

Mpezedes – Greek Recipe adapted by  Ivy

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Baking time:1 hour 30 minutes




Egg whites






Cremorio (cream of tartar)



Lemon Juice

1/2 Tbsp Lemon zest



Beat the eggs with the sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and cremorio (cream of tartar) until eggs are stiff.  Take a spoonful of meringue and place in a baking tin lined with parchment paper.


Preheat oven at 100 degrees C, lower to 70 C and bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Leave them in the oven until they cool and store in an airtight container.

I hate to waste food, so when I decided to make this compote instead of making a new syrup, I used the leftover syrup I had from the cherry spoon sweet.  This year I made Cherry Spoon Sweet twice, so I had a lot of leftover syrup after eating the cherries.  I just added some more water as I didn’t want the syrup to be too sweet and then continued as in the recipe I am giving you below.

The apricots  were delicious, not too sweet and perfect to eat only as a compote, or in a jelly or as a light dessert with yoghurt or with a panna cotta.

Apricot Compote with orange blossom water– Recipe by Ivy

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time:10 minutes










Orange blossom water



Lemon juice






Halve and stone the apricots.


Put the sugar and water into a pan and bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for five minutes, stirring once in a while, until a light syrup is made.


Add the apricots and cook over a gentle heat for 8 minutes and remove from the heat before they start mashing.  Add the orange blossom water and the lemon juice and simmer for another minute.


Allow to cool completely and store in the refrigerator covered.

Apricot Meringue Dessert

This dessert is so easy to make there is no need to give a recipe.  Whenever the children want to eat dessert they take some mpezedes, add some yoghurt (or ice cream) and spoon sweet or compote and they prepare their own dessert.

In this recipe I did the same.  I just whipped some cream and using a mpezes and some compote, I prepared a very light dessert.

This picture goes to Jai and Bee, of Jugalbandi for the Click Event:  Bi-Colour.  The pictures are still with my old camera as I have not found time to read the manual yet 🙂

I am also sending this recipe to Yasmeen of Health Nut, as part II of her Event Well Balanced 3 Course Meals.  See part I here.

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20 Responses

  1. Apricots are in season!
    Love the meringue and fruit together, they are wonderful for the summer, light, and delicious!

    Angie’s Recipes’s last blog post..Qiong Shan Tofu (Steamed Egg Whites Hainan Style)

  2. That would definitely be a dessert for me! It looks soooo delicious!



  3. Liz

    Meringue is one of my classics too. I hadn’t heard of them being called mpezedes though!

    Liz’s last blog post..A story

  4. OMG looks at those lovely meringues!! delicious dessert!

    Parita’s last blog post..Click Event…..Bicolor and a small break!!

  5. Delicious Ivy – and you are right, it would be very healthy too.

  6. I’ve been trying to figure out wha tto do with some extra apricots and … then this post comes along! Looks delicious Ivy, but I too am trying hard to stay away from desserts as I will be n Greece in one week and am not in any way shape or form ready to sport a bathing suit 😉

    I will turn my apricots into a compote today and make a dessert this Thursday when some girlfriends come over for lunch.

    Maria’s last blog post..Pikantiko Kotopoulo me Fassolakia–Spiced Chicken with Green Beans

  7. I didn’t see you mention that this dessert is in fact fat free. See, that gives a little more wiggle room right? I love meringues, especially sweet and a little golden 🙂

    Adam’s last blog post..Get Shortbread

  8. When I was a child, I was crazy about meringues. One of my favorite pastries was two half-domed meringues with whipped cream in the middle. I love the idea of adding orange blossom water to the apricots.

    Simona’s last blog post..composta di pesche a modo mio

  9. Your meringues sound fantastic with lemon, and the apricot compote is the perfect topping! Looks delicious.

    lisaiscooking’s last blog post..Sourdough Starter and Bread Adventure: 7 Sourdough Baguette

  10. Mmmm meringue. Any dessert with meringue is going to be good.

  11. Apricot just with orange blossom water sounds like heaven. Apricot is one of my favorite & treasured fruits, don’t get the fresh ones for too long here. I am very scared to try meringue.. what a blissful combination & arrangement you have done here.

    Soma’s last blog post..Onion Crackers

  12. Ummm, how can you go wrong with apricots and meringue. Looks good!

    momgateway’s last blog post..Easy Salmon Teriyaki

  13. That looks very tasty! I thought it was cream on top but it turned out different!

  14. What a wonderful way to use apricots.Very fresh and light

  15. Awesome!Meringue with apricot sauce looks heavenly.I love the use of fragrant orange blossom water.Thanks for sharing this with me 🙂

    yasmeen’s last blog post..The Ice Dream CookBook Review.Dairy-free Roasted Banana nut Ice Dream.And Peach Melba.

  16. they look so gorgeous..yummy compote recipe with apricots..

    sowmya’s last blog post..Chocolate Cake – perfect and delicious

  17. You must still have apricots in season and you just had to satisfy your sweet tooth with sugar and eggs, eh? lol

    Peter’s last blog post..Mussels Saganaki (Μύδια σαγανάκι)

  18. Ivy, hello. Your “light” dessert looks divine. Those peaches jump out at you from the computer. You are such a great cook.

    Teresa’s last blog post..If You Like Piña Coladas…

  19. Mmmmm, sweet/sour apricots with a sweet/lemony meringue base. This looks amazing!!!

  20. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.

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