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Nectarine Cake

Why would I by posting a Nectarine Cake in the middle of winter?

Nectarine is a medium-sized stone fruit – a variety of peaches or a mutation of the peach bearing fruit –  (Prunus persica) with a smooth red and yellow skin, firm yellowish-pink flesh and a peachy flavour with undertones of almond.

Commonly showcased side by side with peaches, nectarines are a similar, but yet different fruit. The best way to identify the difference between a nectarine and peach is by the lack of fuzz on the nectarine.

“Short history
Peaches are from Chinese origin. They go back to the 10th century B.C. and are often found on illustrations from that time. The Chinese have developed an incredible amount of peach of races.
The peach got it’s name around 300 B.C. The greek philosopher Theophrastus thought it came from Persia and named this lovely fruit to that country (Prunus Persica). In the first century the fruit is mentioned by Romans who wrote that they imported the fruit from Persia. It is supposed that the peach reached Europe around the year 0. In England they don’t show up before 1650 A.D.
Strange enough, the nectarine is never mentioned in descriptions from the time Before Christ. Nectarines are first mentioned in America in 1720 when they grew between the peach trees in Virginia. A.J. Downing registred 19 nectarine races in America in 1857.
Today many types of nectarines are cultivated.”

Last summer when there was an abundance of nectarines I bought a lot from the farmers’ market and after eating a lot of them raw, I decide to try and make them into a cake.  I have made  similar cakes in the past using apples, the only difference in the one with apples I also added some brown sugar on the buttered tin and sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the apples.  I was not sure if this would work with nectarines so I skipped this part.

And back to my original question.  Why would I post a Nectarine Cake in the middle of winter?

Well one of my answers would be that our blogs are not restricted to readers of our areas and our friends who live in Australia and other parts of the world where it is summer now, they can enjoy these recipes.   The fact is that two days ago, I was browsing through My Recipes to Post file, where I have tons of recipes to post, looking for recipes I wanted to participate in some events, only to discover that most of my recipes with photos have mysteriously disappeared.  I have since then been spending endless hours trying to retrieve them, without success.

Looking through these files, I saw the nectarine cake, so I decided to post about it and send this recipe over to Rachel, The Crispy Cook, who is hosting this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging, created by Kalyn and now it has passed on to Haalo, of Cook (almost) Anything Once.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Baking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes


1 kilo nectarines, (about 4 – 5 medium nectarines) peeled and cut into 6 – 8 slices

125 grams of butter

1 ½ cups of sugar

3 cups of self raising flour

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

4 eggs

½ cup of roasted pecans, crushed by hand


Preheat the oven at 180 degrees centigrade.

Wash, peel and cut the nectarines into slices.  Grease a  26cm spring form tin with butter and then arrange the nectarines on the tin.

Beat butter and sugar for five minutes at full speed, until light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time until incorporated. Add the vanilla and lower speed to minimum. Add flour until the batter is ready.

Add the batter on top of the nectarines and then the pecans.

Bake for about 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on your oven,  until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Allow to cool, then loosen sides of spring form and turn the cake over on a platter.

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27 Responses

  1. Wow looks yummylicious. Can i have a bite??????

  2. I love cakes with fresh fruits! Yours looks delicious!



  3. That piece of cake looks delicious ..how i wish I could grab and eat that now!!!

  4. Ivy, this looks gorgeous – light, sunny and perfect for summer, as you say. Yum!

  5. Thanks for the recipe Ivy!

  6. It looks beautiful and delicious.

  7. You are such a great baker. That Nectarine Cake looks scrumptious. Thanks for sending it over to Weekend Herb Blogging. I’m going to try and participate in Pasta Presto this week too.

  8. Ivy, good luck finding those photos… I hate it when that happens. 🙁 As for the recipe, it is nice to see you accommodate readers from all parts of the world. Of course, the could always search through your LARGE archive of past recipes and be almost sure to find something that is in season for them. The cake looks wonderful, thanks for sharing the recipe. 🙂

  9. Ooh, yum ! Guess I’ll just have to bookmark this for the summer!

  10. I prefer nectarines over peaches…but that is just me. This cake for me brings to mind wonderful memories of summer and juice trickling down my arm from nectarines freshly picked from the orchard

  11. Yikes, that’s a real bummer about losing the photos. I love the nectarine cake though–and for what its worth, I’ve got a bunch of locally-out-of-season posts as well…I’m sitting on them as long as I can, but we’ll see how long that lasts 😉

  12. Ivy, nothing wrong with posting something from the Kopiaste archives. I love nectarines and peaches and can’t wait to bite into a large Naoussa nectarine in the summer.

    This is a great recipe when one has too many nectarines or peaches lying around.

  13. going to shift my home near to yours so that i can have delicious recipes from u daily! am drooling over it!

  14. Ben

    It doesn’t matter that it is the middle of winter. We can still enjoy this kind of posts and bookmark them for when we can find nectarines at the market. I am loving the history you have been including in your posts. They are so informative 🙂

  15. PG

    yum yum yum! That is what came to my mind on seeing this recipe. Hope you find all your files.

  16. Very refreshing Ivy! A nice break from all the winter-oriented foods no matter where one lives!

  17. Yeah, but what a treat for winter eyes!

  18. Nectarines make me think of sunny days of summer, I need to be reminded there coming soon and this cake does that! Thank you Ivy it looks wonderful!

  19. Ivy, I am bowled over by the lighting on your photographs! They make your creations look even MORE yummy! Congrats!

  20. I needed to see this burst of sunshine cake . Its below zero here. A bite would warm me up.

  21. I am catching up on all my blog reading these days – congratulations on how fast BloggerAid is gaining momentum. I am preparing a couple of posts to add awareness from my little corner of the world. In the meantime, I will dream of nectarines

  22. Interesting information, I had no idea peaches were of Chinese origin. This cake looks really good. It reminds me of peach upside down cake.

  23. It sure looks terrific to me… and we’re in the middle of a summery winter right now here in CA so it’s perfect! Very pretty too 🙂

  24. Nectarines, I have only read about them as they’re no available here.
    Here though it is cool, this is the season for fruits like strawberries, etc. 🙂
    Its bad about the pictures. It happened to me once but I managed to get them back and have since learnt to back up all my pictures!

  25. This does look delicious. I’ll have to keep it in mind. It definitely makes me miss summer fruit.

  26. Oh so sorry to hear about the picturs.

  27. I found your website on Yahoo and i like your content.