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Is this Democracy?

I have been trying unsuccessfully, to post a recipe for the past few days but unfortunately I cannot pretend that nothing has happened and still is happening here in Athens and other parts of Greece.     Most of you  probably are aware that after the killing of a teenage boy by a policeman last Saturday,  riots were set off in Athens and many other cities in Greece.   After all these incidents  I feel very sad and depressed and could not pretend that nothing has happened.

The incident itself broke my heart both as regards the unjustified death of a fifteen year old boy and I can feel the pain of his family and especially his mother and on the other hand I also sympathize with the family of the policeman and his innocent three children.

Nobody speaks about these three children as if they are non-existent, as if they should be punished for something they were not to blame of.  The media were in a haste to acclaim him as a cold blooded murderer before justice could decide on how the real incidents happened just to get some more spectators and some political parties have been silently encouraging the incidents for their own personal gains.

Things seem to be a bit calmer since yesterday but not quite.  My house is just a few metres away from a complex of school buildings and even now as I am writing I can hear groups of pupils leaving school, shouting and protesting.   Later on there will be demonstrations in the town centre and some of these pupils are going to join others from other schools.  Nobody knows how these incidents may end.

I would like to thank all of you who sent me e-mails asking about the situation and about how my family and I are.   At the beginning I misjudged the situation and reassured you that it was nothing serious as during the past decades we are used to similar acts by a group of anarchists who decide that the properties of innocent people should be vandalized.

Now we have to indulge with a third group of people, mostly illegal immigrants, who take advantage of the riots and invade behind them, looting the shops.    Hundreds of shops have been destroyed, burned and looted and as we speak 3.500 employees have been affected and are now unemployed and there will be more economic repercussions as this situation is affecting a whole group of people employed in the city centre.

Christmas celebration seems to be meaningless with all that’s going on but we hope that these incidents will fade out and peace and tranquility will prevail again.

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26 Responses

  1. Ivy…I hope you and your family are well. I’ve seen a little on the news here and it looks worrying. Hopefully it will all settle before Christmas celebrations begin.

  2. Oh Ivy, all my thoughts and prayers are with you. I’ve been following what’s been going on in Greece in the news and it is very saddening. I hope as you say that peace will prevail soon.

  3. Thank you for the update Ivy. I have been thinking of you and some of my other blogger friends these days and hoping that things will resolve peacefully and soon. Take care.

  4. Eloquently written and most certainly with sentiments directly from the heart.

    Sending you my wishes for a safe and peaceful weekend, Ivy … with greetings from a new soul nestled within the land of the gods.

  5. I’m happy to know that you and your family are all right Ivy. Sometimes we humans behave as animals!!! I’ve seen on the news what’s happening in Athens and these things sadden me so. Unfortunaly, what we call the 1st world or civilized world it has a hidden face that I’m ashamed to see.

  6. Sometimes incidents like this rip us apart. I have no idea about this till i read it in your space here. Hope things get settled down soon. How are you feeling now? You had flu na somedays back…

  7. I totally agree with you Ivy. There is no talk about thepoliceman here in the news too.
    I do sypathasise with the boy who died and his family too. What i heard in the news is they were going to throw selfmade pertrol bombs at the police ……
    I have no idea if that is true. Still is that a good thing to do.
    Good to hear thay you all are safe and sound.

  8. I certainly hope that this can all be settled peacefully Sis. I am glad that you explained your point of view from Athens because all we hear in the news is a version from our own media and propaganda. Keep safe and keep well!!!!! My thoughts are always with you and your family.

  9. Giz and I were just talking about you the other day and were concerned about how things were in your area. I’m sorry to hear that things are getting so out of hand. Sounds like a very frustrating and scary situation. I hope things are resolved soon.

  10. Ivy

    Thank you all for being so considerate and I wish to apologize for not visiting your blogs. Hope to be doing this soon.

  11. Ivy, I just this morning thought of you and was wondering how you were. Thank you for taking a moment to express your sentiments. I’m sorry for you, your family, and your countrymen and I hope this period of unrest passes soon.

  12. I hope everything is well, Ivy. I talked to my yiayia who lives in Athens and she has similar feelings. It’s really baffling and sad.

  13. I’m so sorry, Ivy. I appreciate your insight into the situation. I hope peace will come soon.

  14. Ivy, So sorry to hear about what’s happening and hope that you are safe. It is hard to get into the spirit of Christmas when things like this are right outside your door.

  15. Hoping and praying for a peaceful outcome…..soon.

  16. Dear Ivy, These tragedies hit us remembering of what happened in Genova in 2001 I’m very sorry to hear this sort of things never ends bringing sorrow around.
    I loved your card and really enjoyed it with my kids over and over Grazie !!

  17. Great to know that you are ok. A really sad situation…



  18. Ben

    Ivy I am glad to hear that you and your family are OK. Just like Nuria I think our animal instincts are still too strong in us humans and sometimes we act without thinking. Please keep us updated. Here my family will keep you and yours in our thoughts.

    Big Hugs!

  19. Sofia

    I’m sorry to hear the action is so close to home. My prayers with you and the patritha for peace and a resolution to this. I vivisted Greece for the first time this summer, and it saddens me that the beautiful people of my family’s homeland are suffering. be well and stay safe!

  20. PG

    I’m so glad to know that you and your family are safe and sound. Times are quite turbulent right now aroud the world. I really hope things don’t escalate and peace is restored soon. Wishing you and your family All The Best!

  21. giz

    What’s happening in Greece is very disturbing. The news in Canada is saying that there are outbreaks in Spain and France as well. People are deserate, governments are corrupt, people are killed needlessly. It’s just not right and I’m saddened to see what’s going on. On a positive note, although you must be strongly affected, I’m happy to know that you and your family are okay and my wish for you is a peaceful holiday season.

  22. Ivy, may you and your family stay safe during these trying times. I have spoken with members of my family in Athens and elsewhere in Greece and from what I understand, the situation seems to be easing at the moment. These events are troubling. I find it hard to believe that the shooting of the 15 year old boy sparked this kind of response. It would seem to me that there are other underlying issues that have fanned the flames of that unfortunate incident to spread chaos and lawlessness. The situation is truly tragic, and you are right, the media did not help matters. Anyway, take care of yourself and your family.

  23. I was reading about the disturbing riots in another Greek bloggers post.The youth vandalizing the city obviously don’t have any rationale thinking.It only make the situation bad to worst.Its a relief to know you and your family are safe Ivy.

  24. Hi Ivy, Glad that you’re ok. I read so much about the riots and demonstrations in Athens that made me sad and angry as well.

    I felt the world should listen to all sides from the victim, witnesses and the accused. Much I dislike were the others – the ‘opportunitists’ who took the chance to add more commotions for their own gains. Their behaviours was to vent frustrations against government but they never think 2x the affects they brought to their own family and friends whose livelihood depended on country’s economy. The worst were the looters who seized such opportunity to rob and destroy the host country. News agencies didn’t help much either to calm down the country, their only thoughts were ratings and sales. It’s time news agencies should find out the truth of the shooting case instead focusing on the rioters and demonstrators… It’s sad and terrible that such event happened to a teenager. The deed was done and nothing can bring back the teenager. Until we know ‘Who Starts the Fire’ everyone are suspects.

    I’m worried for my Greek friends as well who still haven’t replied my sms and calls…

    Please take care of yourself and family, ok?

  25. Ivy, I did see this on tv and in the the papers here.
    And happy to know you and your family are safe. It is indeed a sad thing for the families.
    Unfortunately, there is a flip side to democracy as we well know in India too. But the good thing about our democracies is that we have the freedom to talk about these things and try and make a change for the better with our voices. Many countries don’t have this.

  26. Glad things are calming down now. It is all so unfortunate. I’m glad to hear your thoughts about it, as there are always parts of the story that mainstream media always leaves out. My thought are with you and wish you a peaceful holiday period.