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Creamy Jelly Dessert

On Sunday I had a crave for something sweet so I went to the kitchen to see what I could prepare. I looked in my pantry and there was not enough sugar and there was no corn flour (corn starch). Instead I had some brown sugar, condensed sweet milk and gelatine, so I decided to work with these ingredients. I rejected the brown sugar as I didn’t want the dessert to become dark in colour.

A few days back I had made an ice cream and whipped the egg whites into a meringue and baked it. I stored it in a Tupperware and it was there available to be used.

When I finished the dessert and started writing down the recipe I needed a name for it. It seems that it is not an easy job to give names to your desserts. It was creamy and because gelatine is what we make jelly with so I just named it Creamy Jelly dessert.


1 packet with 12 gelatine sheets

1 ½ condensed milk 600 grams

1 kilo whipping cream 35%

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence


I followed the instructions on the gelatine packet and I dissolved the 12 sheets in 1 litre of water (2 glasses of cold water and then I added 2 glasses of hot water).

When the gelatine cooled completely I whipped the whipping cream and when it was ready I added the condensed milk, the vanilla essence and the gelatine gradually with a spoon. I whipped them in the mixer at full speed until it was fluffy and airy.


When I made the ice cream, I whisked the 5 egg whites with 1 teaspoon of bitter almond essence and 2 spoonfuls of icing sugar and when stiff peaks formed I mixed in half a cup of roasted pecans, coarsely cut. I lined a tin with parchment paper and baked it at 150 degrees for one hour and then let it in the oven until it cooled completely.

I removed the parchment paper from the meringue and placed it in a rectangular bowl. I poured the cream on top and placed it into the refrigerator to set. I left it nearly three hours to set.

I served the cream with roasted, crushed pecans and maple syrup. Thanks Pixie, for sending me the maple syrup, wherever you are, we miss you.

I am submitting this recipe to Lore, of Culinarty, who is hosting the event Original Recipes. Recipes which we have not copied from others but made them ourselves.

Michelle, of Greedy Gourmet is also hosting Snapshot Nr. 5 Meringue so I am submitting my meringue to Michelle.

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9 Responses

  1. Lulu Barbarian

    Ivy, you’re so good at whipping up delicious dishes from what you have on hand.

  2. Maria

    Ivy this looks really delish!


  3. Illatharasi

    what a creation….. so yummy:)

  4. Swati: Sugarcraft India

    Ivy you are amazing..you dont need a recipe and you whip up delicious desserts with whats available at hand.. You are in the true sense impressive!!

  5. Ivy

    Swati dear, I am glad you are back. I never baked meringue in my life until early this year and I never used gelatine in my desserts until lately. Blogging is the best school and I think I’ve learned more these past nine months of blogging than I learned all my life. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Ivy

    Hi Vani, thanks a lot.

  7. Illatharasi

    Ivy, please check my blog for a surprise:)

  8. Lore

    That’s trully original Ivy! Thanks for participating 🙂

  9. Cakelaw

    Yum Ivy – looks delish!