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Stewed Buffalo (or Beef)

During our trip to Northern Greece, one of our stops was at Ano Porroia, Serron where we had lunch. In the middle of the village there is a big square and there you can find several restaurants.
The tavern we visited was called “OASIS”. We ordered wild boar and buffalo. Both dishes were delicious and Mrs. Archontoula Papadopoulou, the owner, was kind enough to give me the recipes, and with her permission I am posting one of them today. As Mrs. Papadopoulou told me she cooks both dishes in an outdoor oven after burning logs in it and cooks them for 5 to 6 hours, in an earthen casserole sealed with a lid.   I do not have an earthen casserole with a lid but used Tupperware’s Ultra Plus Casserole.

Until then I had never eaten buffalo before and did not know what to expect but if I ate it without knowing I would think I was eating beef,  so as I could not find buffalo meat in Athens, I made it with beef.

Stewed Buffalo or Beef


1 kilo of buffalo (I used round beef)
2 onions cut in big pieces
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 tablespoon mild mustard
1 wine glass of red dry wine
1 can of tomatoes concassé (500 grams)
5 – 6 black peppercorns
5 – 6 allspice berries
Freshly ground black pepper
6 bay leaves
1/2 cup olive oil
1 cup water
Wash and cut beef into big pieces and sauté on all sides. Add onions and garlic and sauté as well. Add wine, mustard, salt and all other spices. Finally add tomatoes and let it boil for a few minutes. Remove into a  casserole and add water to cover the meat. Preheat oven at 180 degrees Centigrade and cook for 2 – 3 hours hours.

Serve, with rice, pasta or potatoes. (If you like you can add the potatoes together with the meat).
When making the makarounotes hilopites recently, I also cut some into small pieces and dried them and I served this dish with with hilopites and mixed vegetables.

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Makarounotes Hilopites

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15 Responses

  1. Peter G

    Nice one Ivy! We have buffalo here in Australia and it pretty much tastes like beef to me. Good luck with the pub crawl.

  2. Ivy

    Hope you can see the pictures today.

  3. Pixie

    Hi Ivy,

    Sorry I haven’t been around too often- so hard to keep up lately with all these blogs! A great sounding dish, but I have to ask if you may have forgotten to list wine in your ingredients? I know you mentioned it in the method. 🙂 will look at that strawberry cake now. Yum


  4. Bellini Valli

    This sounds so flavourful Ivy. When I lived in Alberta they had a cross called beef-alo. Very ill tempered beasts, but tasty:D When I was in Metsovo I had a similar dish of slow roasted beef cooked in an earthenware pot.

  5. Peter M

    I’ve had buffalo once and it’s a lean meat so, it has to be rare or slow roasted, like here.

  6. Fearless Kitchen

    This looks great. We’re starting to see buffalo in our local supermarket, but we haven’t found anything to do with it that really brings out its flavor. This might just do the trick!

  7. Ivy

    Hi Pixie, it’s been crazy for me as well. I don’t seem to find the time I need to visit all the blogs. I checked the list and can see the wine listed.

    I think beef is just as good as buffalo, Val, I was just curious to see how it tasted, although I must say it was better than mine.

    Peter, thanks for telling me about the photos. I think it needs a lot of hours to become soft.

    Fearless Kitchen, If you ever try it, please tell me your opinion about it.

  8. Ben

    Hi Ivy,

    That dish looks really good, good luck in the event. The prizes are amazing, aren’t they? 😀

  9. Anamika

    hi ivy
    Again i liked the post and would like to do the same with goat meat and make casserole stewed meat…it will, i guess be as tasty as you have suggested. thanks for sharing, eh!

  10. Ivy

    Hi Anamika, try this recipe as well for goat. It is fantastic.

  11. Emiline

    Wow! Great entry. I like it. You get extra point for using the most unusual meat.
    Great job Ivy!

    P.S. April 17th does make for a late St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl, doesn’t it? 😉

  12. Pixie

    (ivy- i need to get my eyes checked again lol)

  13. Rosie

    Oh this looks yummy Ivy..

    Rosie x

  14. Great recipe. Buffalo is a wonderful red meat and alternative to beef!

    • Ivy

      Thank you Belinda.