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Vegetarian Dolmades with Mushrooms and Leeks

Dolmades or Koupepia (as we call them in Cyprus) are made from grape leaves (also known as vine leaves) and are stuffed with rice, ground pork or beef, fresh herbs and seasonings. I’ve been revisiting all the Greek traditional recipes over the past year and have been substituting pork or beef  minced meat with turkey …

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Koupepia (Dolmadakia) Gialantzi with Potatoes

Some days ago my son went to Sparta to visit his grandmother and our relatives who live there and when he came back, as usually,they sent us some fresh eggs from their chickens, pasto (which is cured pork), as well as sausages and finally some fresh vine leaves from their garden. If you like dolmas (meaning stuffed or filled in Turkish) plural dolmades, now is the best time of the year to buy and store fresh vine leaves as they are …

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