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Greek Cookbook “Mageirevontas Gia ton Allo Anthropo”

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μαγειρευοντας για τον αλλο ανθρωπο3

To all Greeks of Diaspora or friends of Greece, 18 food bloggers and 7 Chefs have joined forces to publish this e-book in Greek, to help “O Allos Anthropos” (the other person), which gives free food on a daily basis to people in need.

Free food for everyone2

All the proceeds of this cookbook will go to this cause.

You can download the book directly from Smashwords.

Even if you don’t understand Greek, you can send it as a gift to your Greek friends and help by donating this small amount of $10 for such a good cause.

If you can read Greek, there is a detailed post on My Greek Blog so that you can find more about this cause.

You can also buy the cookbook in pdf format for only 5 Euros, via Paypal.

Thank you for your support,

Sharing is caring!

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