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Creative Halvades

Halvas – Χαλβάς (plural Halvades) is one of our favourite desserts during Lent but I always like to make it in different flavours.

This time I made the basic recipe which was divided in two parts. In the first one I made a strawberry coulis which was used both inside and to decorate the dessert and I made the other with lots of leftover ingredients I had in my cupboard from other recipes, which I wanted to use.

I didn’t want to use the same mold I’ve been using for ages, so I gave it a different design by adding a smaller mold inside.

Strawberry Halvas

Chocolate Halvas

Chocolate – Orange Blossom Water Halvas (February 2012)

I’ve created a new blog called Gourmet Concoctions at Assini.  We shall be relocating to Assini, which is near Nafplion soon and I have some ideas to start a business.   I am not sure if they will eventually materialize but until then I shall record the facts as they develop.

These recipes are linked to my event Creative Concoctions #3 – Desserts.

To see the recipes please follow this link.

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  1. Oh I must check out the link but have to say these desserts are intriguing and super delicious looking!

  2. Beautiful and yummy. Good luck with your move. Always love your beautiful blog.