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Creative Concoctions #2 Round-up

Creative Concoctions #2 Round-up

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Welcome to the second edition of Creative Concoctions.    I am really very happy that again we have some very talented bloggers who responded to my call to create vegan or Lenten recipes.   It gives me great pleasure to present the  roundup for Vegan and Nistisimes recipes and  I would like to thank each and every one  of you  who contributed your delicious vegan recipes to make this wonderful event a success.

It was lovely to see the variety and passion each blogger has for  her recipes.



Elena, of Bucataria Elenei, of Bucharest, Romania has made a False Spread with Stevia and Garlic.  Elena is following the 90 day Rina Diet and all her recipes are very healthy.  Here she used a  vegetable called stevia, with garlic and sunflower kernels to make this very creative recipe.

Priya, of Priya’s Easy & Tasty, has made a Rose Rice Pudding.  She made this pudding in the pressure cooker using basmati rice.

Priya, of Priya’s Easy & Tasty, has made Kiwi cornmeal Muffins.  Priya is allergic to Kiwis, so she prepared a kiwi puree along with tofu, which then used to make these cornmeal muffins.

Alisha, of The Ardent Epicure, has made Roasted Asparagus with Mango and Tomato Relish. Alisha tells us that this is a ver easy dish which she made using organic mini heirloom tomatoes along with an organic ripe mango with chopped
candied ginger.

Natalia, of Gatti, Fili e  Farina, has made Polpetine di Calamari, a dish she and her family enjoy eating at  arestaurant and she recreated these calamari balls, especially for the event.

Anna, of Banana Wonder, bought some Oregon black truffles from her local farmers’ market and made some delicious  Bow Tie Pasta with Black Truffle.

Finally here is what I have created.

Rosotto, a twist to the traditional ryzogalo which I made it vegan, gluten-free and lactose free, using coconut cream and thickening it with rice flour. I flavoured it with rose water and made it pink using rose cordial.  I

I also made a Bougatsa Nistisimi.   The phyllo in the traditional recipe is with butter so I made it with olive oil and the cream with is with milk and eggs were substituted with a semolina cream made with coconut milk.


Chickpea Salad with Taramosalata Dressing.   This is a salad which is my creatition.  I cooked the chickpeas and I added some aromatic herbs and other vegetables and apple but the creative part was to use taramas (fish roe) to make a salad dressing.

Chickpea Salad with Tahini Dressing.   This dish is similar to the previous one with a few different ingredients but the dressing was inspired by hoummous.


Sharing is caring!

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Friday 8th of June 2012

The vegan recipe you shared using coconut milk and rice flour looks very tasty indeed and also quite nutritious. Thank you for sharing this for those of who are vegan.


Wednesday 13th of July 2011

Tahini is a classic middle eastern food that's also an important ingredient in many vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy recipes.. I am truly impressed Thanks :)

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