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Happy Birthday George!!

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I wish to apologise for not being around lately and visiting your blogs as often as I would like to.  I try and visit back those who leave a comment at the blog or on facebook.

I am working hard on the book and hopefully I will have it published by the end of  November, if everything goes smoothly.  I have cooked again all the older recipes of mine and taken new pictures.  Now I am at the stage of proof reading, but there is still a lot to be done.  You will have to bear with me for some more time.

Today it’s my son George’s Birthday, so I am taking a break to write a quick post to wish him Happy Birthday.  Unfortunately he is not with us this year so I did not bake a birthday cake but prepared individual Mont Blancs, as I had already made the chestnut puree a few days ago and I prepared the caramelized fruit yesterday, which is a recipe with Commandaria wine and other ingredients, reduced to caramelized syrup without the addition of sugar.

I cannot tell you how the Mont Blancs taste as we haven’t eaten them yet but I can tell you about the caramelized fruit.  They are heavenly.  We ate some yesterday on top of grilled halloumi and the taste of the sweet fruit and caramelized peppery syrup with the salty halloumi, is fantastic.

I won’t post the recipe today as I will need all day to do this but basically the Mont Blanc is  a sandwich of baked Meringue. In the middle I made a sort of truffle mixture, using fresh cream, chocolate, cocoa, leftover cookies and biscuits.   I made a new type of chestnut puree, which is an original recipe of mine and topped with whipped cream.  I hope to post when the book is over.

The first one is served with quince spoon sweet on top and the other with caramelized spicy dry fruit.

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!!

Sharing is caring!

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