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Dynamite Smoothie with Acai Berries and Ice Pops

Dynamite Smoothie with Acai Berries and Ice Pops

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This Dynamite Smoothie is made with Açai Berries juice and many other immune boosting fruit, full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Acai berries are packed with antioxidants more than any other known fruit or vegetable in the world. That’s what makes this smoothie recipe such a nutritional powerhouse.

Acai berries are also rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, amino acids, protein, vitamins and dietary fiber.

However, this is a tropical rainforest fruit which spoils easily and you will definitely not find it in any Greek supermarket shelves. 

However, I have read that you can get it in powdered form and here in Greece we get it in juice.

The fruit used were whatever I had at home.  I froze them overnight except the banana as it was a last minute addition and of course you can add whatever other fruit you like.

Acai Popsicle image

Make more and freeze it in ice molds and you will have the most delicious snack not only for your children who will love it as it has a delicious chocolaty taste but also for yourselves, if you are following the Mediterranean Diet, you can have this instead of a ten o’clock or afternoon snack, as it is also good for weight loss.

I enhanced its chocolaty taste by adding extra cocoa powder and sweetened it with honey.  The amount of honey to be used will depend on the sweetness of the other fruit used.

I am sending this recipe to Natasha, of 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures, for her new Makeover:  Smoothies and Shakes.

Dynamite, from the Greek word “Δυναμίτις – δύναμη” meaning strength – powerful, so you can see why it deserves to be called a dynamite drink, combined with all the other fruit.

Acai berry smoothie picture


The Kiwi Fruit is rich in vitamins C, E and A. It contains dietary fibre, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper.

It has a remarkable ability to remove excess sodium from the body which is good for the average person who eats too much salt. The Kiwi fruit is also rich in antioxidants ad digestive enzymes.


Strawberries contain a range of nutrients, with vitamin C heading the group. They also contain significant levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which fight free radicals.

These antioxidant properties are believed to be linked to what makes the strawberry bright red.

So what are these weird free radicals? Free radicals are elements that can damage cells, and they are thought to contribute to the formation of many kinds of cancer.

In addition to vitamin C, strawberries also provide an excellent source of vitamin K and manganese, as well as folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.


Apricots are rich in various food ingredients. The fresh fruit is rich in natural sugars, vitamin A and calcium.

They are a good source of the Vitamins, i.e. B Complex, riboflavin and niacin as well as vitamin C.


Bananas contain tryptophan, they are high in iron, rich in in fiber, they are high in potassium (about 4673mg), yet very low in sodium (1mg), thus having a perfect ratio for preventing high blood pressure, they contain vitamins B6 and B12 etc.

Greek Thyme Honey

Greek honey is one of the finest tasting honeys in the world and is packed with a range of health benefits.

The one I prefer the most is thyme honey.   Honey was used in Greece as a natural sweetener from antiquity and is well known for its medicinal properties.

The Ancient Greeks used honey as a medicine, especially for diseases of the gut and as an antiseptic for wounds.

Greek honeys are rich in phenolic compounds, they modulate oestrogenic activity whereas a thyme honey-enriched diet may prevent cancer-related processes in breast, prostate and endometrial cancer cells.

Collage Acai Berries Smoothie image


If you want to make the smoothie vegan, just substitute honey with sugar or other syrup, such as maple syrup, etc.

Sources:   Kiwis, Acai Fruit, Bananas, Strawberries, Apricots, Greek Thyme Honey.

Smoothie with Acai berries and other fruit image

Dynamite Smoothie with Acai Berries and Ice Pops

Yield: 5
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 10 minutes

This Dynamite Smoothie is made with Acai Berries juice and many other immune boosting fruit, full of antioxidants and vitamins.


  • 250 ml acai berry juice
  • 2 kiwis, peeled and cut into slices
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 6 large strawberries, halved
  • 4 apricots, pitted and halved
  • 1 tablespoon Greek thyme honey
  • 1 heaped teaspoon unsweetened cocoa


  1. Wash the strawberries and apricots. Peel the other fruit, cut into smaller pieces and deep freeze overnight.
  2. Put them in a blender or food processor with acai juice and puree them until smoothie consistency is reached.
  3. Add honey and cocoa and blend  Taste and add more honey if you want it sweeter.
  4. Put any leftover in ice pop molds and freeze for a few hours


If you want to make the smoothie vegan, just substitute honey with sugar or other syrup, such as maple syrup, etc.

Nutrition Information
Yield 4 Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving Calories 142Total Fat 1gSaturated Fat 0gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 0gCholesterol 0mgSodium 39mgCarbohydrates 35gFiber 6gSugar 24gProtein 2g

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Tried this recipe? Tag me @ivyliac and use the hashtag #kopiaste!

Collage dynamite smoothie with Acai Berries image

Kopiaste and Kali Orexi!

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Tuesday 24th of August 2021

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Wednesday 18th of March 2015

Despite not being a weight-loss miracle, the acai berry, as well as blueberries, blackberries, and other colorful fruits, is good to include in any diet.


Friday 30th of May 2014

I think this is the best Dynamite Smoothie with Acai Berries and Ice Pops. Yummy smoothie.


Thursday 3rd of June 2010

I'm making this for my kids this weekend! Will let you know how they liked it.


Thursday 3rd of June 2010

Thanks for passing by. Hope your chirldren will enjoy it. If you have a blog please leave me your URL so that I may visit back.


Monday 31st of May 2010

I was under the complete impression that pomegranates had more antioxidants than does acai. Imma have to go back to my nutrition notes... either way, super refreshing looking ice pops. Hope you've been well, lady!

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