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St. George’s Day

The 23rd April is the memorial day of St. George. My eldest son is named George and today is a day of celebration.

St. George (one of my first icons)

I’ve been preparing a few things today and tomorrow I will be very busy cooking most of the day as we will be celebrating it tomorrow.  Shall tell you about this on Sunday.

Ivy George's party

You can read about a previous celebration here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Chronia Polla, George!

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11 Responses

  1. Happy celebration!



  2. so we'll wait sunday in the meantime happy celebrations!! Pierre

  3. Have a great celebration weekend!

  4. alison

    hin ,ivy!and happy celebration !i am orthodox christian too and i celebrated today saint george,named in romanian "gheorghe".

  5. Ivy

    Thank everybody very much.

  6. joyeuse célébration
    à bientôt

  7. Happy name day to your son! Love to hear what you prepare!

  8. Happy St George day Ivy! Such a long time since I even celebrated the saint's days … so i forget what saint George is … going to look it up! have wonderful day Ivy!

  9. Have a great fun celebration!

  10. Να τον χαίρεσαι!! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Bonne fête Ivy.