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Plagiarism – Someone is copying my content. What do I do?

I remember reading in the past other posts about plagiarism and I don’t believe that this is also happening to me.  I discovered this morning that someone is copying my recipes as well as some other food bloggers’ recipes and probably all the other content is also stolen.  He/she started his blog in April (eight days) and has copied 173 posts.

I left him/her a message to remove the content.  What happens if he/she doesn’t?

I will appreciate any help if you have any experience in similar situations.

Update:   I think I have managed to suspend his/her blog (or at least I thought so).   I wish to thank Peter Georgakopoulos, Nuria Ferrugut and Marianna Kavroulaki for helping me out on this.

My son Kyriakos looked into it as well and sent me this very informative link.  I e-mailed him but the email returned as undelivered.  Then I contacted his hosting company explaining the situation and it seems that they have taken immediate action.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Wow I am sorry this is happening to you Ivy! This has happened to me unfortunately also. It seems since your site has a large traffic, they may be stealing it for the ads (money). Such a shame.
    Please see mary's site for some info want you can do. it is very informative!http://www.mynew30.com/2009/02/blog-thievery-or-s
    You already watermark your images so is good!
    i looked at the link seems to be not working now but may just be my connection.

    • Thanks Heni for the link. The link is not working because I think I have managed to suspend his blog. I have updated the post.

  2. Glad to hear you have been able to suspend the account and fight back against this horrible thievery!

    • Thanks again Heni.

  3. I just saw the blog! The link still works… I'm so sorry this happened to you! And even w/ the watermark on there! How did you find out about this? I hope this doesn't happen again. So many of your creations are so unique and beautiful, you darn well should be the only one getting credit for them!

    • OMG, it wasn't working before and I thought that the hosting company reacted quickly.

      Now, I have to see what else there is to do. Thanks for your kind words Niki.

  4. oh that is such a shame, but I'm glad you were able to shut it down. Someone took my J. Lo interview and put it on their site and had it link to money ads, too! Mind you, I don't ad on my blog, so I was really *pissed*

    Glad you worked it out.

    • Thanks Bren, but you see I didn't manage to shut it down yet. Did you take any action?

  5. Ivy,Sorry to hear about this.It has happened with me also in the past.I did the same,as in the informative link.Contact the host company.Hope they take required action to stop the plagiarized posts.

  6. I am glad that you have gotten this sorted Ivy. However, please note that I clicked on the link you posted and found your cake still there.

  7. Oh, no! I'm so sorry that this is happening. I hope you'll be able to shut this site down for good. So unfair!

  8. Ivy, I am so sorry this is happening to you ! Happened to me a couple of months back too, and I wrote to the hosting company and asked them to have the blog shut down. Hope that works for you !

  9. Glad to see it all worked out Ivy!

    • Unfortunately nothing has happened yet. His blog was not showing at some time after I reported him but it must have been a coincidence.

  10. I am sorry this is happening to you!!!! This is so bad….I hope you can do something about it!

  11. Ivy, I know how you feel…someone copied ALL my contents and pictures and claimed THEIRS! Shame on them! I wrote to tell them remove all my contents from the site immediately….okay…a couple of them were NICE enough and removed them…a couple of them just didn't give a damn….;-1111111 I was/still am upset. I mean…what's the big deal to just link me back or simple ASK if they want to have my contents and pictures on their sites???

    • It seems that this is like an internet "plague". It is spreading quite rapidly and we must find a way to destroy it before it spreads and affects all the hard working bloggers.

  12. Ivy Ivy, how timely! My blog contents were stolen recently as well. I requested the "site-owner" (whoever that is ) to remove those posts that has my contents but nothing happened apparently. I also contacted the host company twice and did not get any response. Tell me what else I should do too….:(


    • Up to now I have contacted his hosting company but they have not done anything yet. I shall let you know when I proceed to other action.

  13. Ivy

    Update: It seems that this guy has finally removed the content. Thank God.

  14. I don't understand how plariagists can take any satisfaction from their "work". I have had a few incidences with these type of people and one thing I got my hubby to do was to prevent hot linking to my images – i.e. stealing bandwidth. That removes all my images off their websites and the posts immediately lose their appeal. I'm not too bothered about the text and anyway, their websites are never going to grow popular because there is no consistent personality in their blog since everything is stolen from multiple authors. Makes it all pointless, doesn't it?

  15. Hi Ivy, it seems random – sometimes it is showing, sometimes it is not. I just checked and content seems removed. But the same thing happened 2 wks ago – one day, it was not there and I thought the problem was solved and the next day, it came back! Arrrghhh….

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