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Pot Roast with Carrot Puree, Vegetables and Gravy

Beef is not one of my favourite meats and I don’t cook it very often, perhaps once a month, but this is one of the recipes the whole family loves, especially my younger son.  He visited us about two weeks ago from Switzerland and during the five days he stayed I prepared all his favourite recipes and this is one of his favourites.

I urge you to try this recipe as I am sure you will love it.  The meat is full of flavour and the gravy is to die for not to mention of course how delicious is homemade mashed potatoes.  The meat must slowly cook for about two hours and thirty minutes and in the end it should remain with about 1 cup of meat broth with which the gravy is made.

In the past, when I used to work I would make the same recipe in a pressure cooker but I find that slow cooking makes this dish more tasty.  I made this dish the first time I entertained just after we got married and had invited my husband’s boss and his wife as well as some other colleagues of his.  I can still remember how aimpressed his boss was, who almost licked the plate.

I usually serve this dish with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. This time I added some pureed carrots as well.  I boiled the potatoes separately and steamed the carrots and vegetables separately.   The gravy begins with a light roux and then I add the meat juices and some milk.

Pot Roast with Carrot Puree, Vegetables and Gravy – Recipe by Ivy

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Serves: 5




Top round roast veal







Salt and Pepper to taste



Olive oil



Red dry wine

Water to cover meat (about 4 cups)



Make slits in the meat and place the garlic and cinnamon stick. Season the meat with salt and freshly ground pepper.


In a large sauce pan heat the olive oil and sauté the meat on all sides and add the wine.


Add the water, bring to a boil and simmer for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Reserve the meat broth for the gravy.


Remove meat on a cutting board and remove cinnamon stick while it is still hot and set the meat aside until it cools before cutting into thin slices.

Carrot Puree

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes









Butter or margarine or olive oil



Orange juice



Ground ginger

Freshly ground black pepper


Preparation time: 5 minutes










Meat broth




Salt (optional if needed)



In a small sauce pan prepare the roux to a light colour.


Add the meat stock and keep stirring constantly. Add the milk and keep mixing until the gravy thickens. Adjust salt if necessary.

This recipes goes to Rahin, of Lazzat, for her event SOS Slow Cooker.   I know I have not used a slow cooker as I don’t have one but I am sure you can make this recipe in one.

I am also sending the Carrot Puree recipe to Sanghi, of Sanghi’s Food Delights, for her event Fall in Love – Carrots.

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17 Responses

  1. I miss pot roasts! I used to have them all the time as a kid in winter…thanks for bringing back some memories Ivy…it looks delicious!

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  2. A delicious meal!



  3. That’s an awesome complete meal…looks delicious.

  4. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pot roast every now and then?!

  5. Another Amazing recipe from you I have a newly bought slow cooker havent tried anything in that yet… Hot this is gonna be the start of the trivia!!! 😉 looks very yummy and a wholesome dinner!!!

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  6. Yum, I love beef and I would definitely like to try this.

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  7. I love a good pot roast Ivy, and this looks particularly good. Lovely flavors … your son is lucky to have eaten all his favorite meals those days!

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  8. I love occassional indulgences such as these…

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  9. Wow a wonderful dleicous sunday lunch or dinner.

  10. Pot roasts are a family fave here as well. Your son was homesick and this comfort food hit the spot for him!

    Peter’s last blog post..Greek Food Gazette 05/2/09

  11. Like you, I do not cook beef often. And slow cooking is the way to go with beef and pot roasts… delicious comfort food worth coming home to 🙂

  12. Hmmm, the carrot puree sounds so delicious! I want some too.

  13. Carrot puree would be perfect for me….. Have you ever tried to put some carrot puree to mashed potatoes? I mean…..they are good. :-)))
    Oh, I love that slow cooker!

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  14. I haven’t had pot roast in ages! it’s pure comfort food if you ask me! Looks fabulous!

  15. I love the addition of cinnamon to the pot roast’s braising broth. What a delightful sweetly savory and exotic note that must add!! I grew up eating Lebanese food, and even now the scent of cinnamon with sauteed onions or roasting meat is absolutely heady to me. Thanks for a reminder of the comforts of home!!!!

  16. Ivy this is a wonderful dish ! These days are very hot here what about Athens ??

  17. Yum Ivy! I am comin’ over – what time is dinner?