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Sweet Pies Event, 1 – 31 October 2008

I shall post the announcement of the event later today. As I said yesterday there will be a prize for the winner who will be selected by random draw. I’ve seen others using random draw but I searched the internet and could not find anything.

If anyone knows how I can do this please let me know, otherwise I have already thought of a different way to make the draw.

The prize will be the Chef’s Knife, from Tupperware® Chef Series Pro, 6 Pieces Professional Knives.   I shall also bear the expenses for shipment wherever you are.

The second thing I would like to offer to all of you who have participated in the Savory Pies Event and this is my way to thank you, is to offer the above series with the discounted amount and again I shall bear the cost of shipment, whatever this is, out of my profit. I can accept orders only until the 25th October, 2008 and so long as this product is not sold out by Tupperware. Payment can only be accepted through PayPal.

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9 Responses

  1. Ben

    MY friend that is an amazing prize! I will use the pie I made for last month’s event (the one that I missed) :-p

  2. Ivy, girl, I trust you whatever method you use :D.
    I want to win that SuperDuper Prize!!!! That’s why my first baking experiment will be my entry for your sweet pies :D…

  3. I am working on my sweet little pies this weekend:D

  4. Awesome Ivy! I will try to participate 🙂

  5. liz

    I’d love to win those knives!!!!

  6. I am sure whatever method you use will be the right one sweetie 😀

    Oooh sweet pies now I must get my thinking cap on for this one – great event !!

    Rosie x

  7. Ivy

    Thanks Lore. I tested it and it works perfectly.

  8. Dee

    Have bookmarked this so I can give it a go. Ooh, what will I bake…