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Sofrito is a veal steak slowly cooked in a white wine, garlic and herb sauce and is usually served with rice. It is a dish native to, and almost exclusively to be found on, the island of Corfu. So fritto in Italian means slow frying (sautéing) and this dish has its roots probably from the Venetian rule on the island from 1401 till 1797.

I saw this recipe posted by Maria, of Kali Orexi (meaning Bon Appetite), early in September. Maria is married and has two children. She is relatively new to blogging, this is her second month, and we met after she sent me an e-mail. After that we became friends and although she is very young, she is a great cook.

If you like Greek food, Maria is another person you should add to your google reader and blogroll. You will be surprised to see that she has already added some of you in her blogroll. I believe she reads your posts but maybe she is too shy to leave a comment, just as I was at the beginning and maybe a lot of you as well, so make the first step and say hello to Maria, whom I have informally adopted and want to help her find her way in the blogosphere.

When I visited Maria the first time, she only had two posts and her very first post was Sofrito. I told her then that I remembered I had made this dish before summer but never got to post it. I cooked mine the traditional way it is usually cooked and I am giving you that recipe, as well as how I cooked it again last week, in the sautéing pan, adding the mushrooms, just like Maria did and that made the dish even better.


Preparation time: 30 minutes

Baking time: 2 hours (1 hour in the T sautéing pan)

Serves : 5

  • 800 grams of stewing beef
  • Flour for dredging
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • ½ cup of olive oil (2 spoonfuls for the Tupperware sautéing pan)
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced (this time I used 3)
  • ½ bunch (about 1 cup) of parsley, finely chopped
  • 250 ml dry white wine
  • 1 1/2 cups of water ( second time 1/2 cup of water)


Wash the meat and cut into thin slices about 1 cm thick and drain. Season with salt and pepper and dredge into flour. Heat the olive oil in a skillet and brown the meat on both sides. When I turned the meat on the other side I added the garlic, which I sautéed as well, the parsley, salt and pepper and then added the wine and finally the water, scraping the pan to remove any browned parts. I transferred the meat into a Pyrex, covered it with aluminum foil and baked it in a preheated oven for 2 hours at 160 degrees C.

The second time I used my new Tupperware sautéing pan which I brushed with only 2 spoonfuls of olive oil and did exactly the same thing only at the end, I added only ½ glass of water, covered the sautéing pan with the lid and simmered for 55 minutes. I then added the mushrooms, mixed and cooked for another 5 minutes.

In both cases I served it with rice.

I am submitting this recipe to The Constables’ Larder, hosting the event Slow and Low.

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34 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great dish! I am always up to meeting new friends in the blogosphere, so I am off to check out Kali Orexi! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Ivy!

  2. This looks very tasty!

  3. Nice one Ivy! I too have recently come into contact with Maria and she is really lovely.

  4. Viva Sofrito, Viva Kerkyra! I keep on seeing this dish and I really must try this.

  5. Did not know about this event..This recipe is new to me..

  6. Ivy,

    thanks for this recipe and for suggesting to visit Maria’s blog. It is indeed a great one and i have added it to my blog list (as I did add Kopiaste, which is also a wonderful blog that I will read from now on).


  7. Have something for u in my blog,check it out!!

  8. It looks so delicious, yeah i think it is alwayw nice to discover new blogs. Will go and check her place too.

  9. I can just about smell this cooking, and it’s making me hungry! I did not know that Tupperware made pans. I thought they just made, you know, Tupperware. 🙂

  10. Ooh, lovely Ivy – so when am I coming for dinner? 😉 Your serving plate is just gorgeous too.

  11. Ivy I just read my post and thnaks to you I noticed that I have forgotten to write the recipe for caramalized oranges, i will update it on Monday,or if i can will do it tommorow.

  12. Looks delcious. Totally diffrent from the spanish sofrito.

  13. giz

    What a great entry and also a great dish. It’s grey outside and windy and would love to sit down to a warm dish of sofrito.

  14. This sounds like a wonderful dish sis. This kind of dish is just we need right now:D

  15. Love the slow cook variety coz the flavours mature so well. This does sound finger licking good Ivy. greek food intrigues me; must check out maria’s place! BTW, the platter is very pretty too! xoxoxo

  16. This sounds delicious, I love the ingredients and it looks easy enough to prepare.

  17. Hmmmm, so sofrito is also the name of a dish… good to know.

  18. Ivy, I love Sofrito! One of my good friends is from Kerkyra and I have had it at her home several times. Thanks for sharing this, as well as for letting us know about Maria’s blog. 🙂

  19. Hola guapa! How fun… sofrito means something completely different here: onion+garlic+tomatoe concentrated. And your dish reminds me a lot of our Fricandó.

    I love the way the meat is cooked this way… Mmmmmm so tasty and tender 😀

    I will visit your adopted new blogger ;D

  20. Dee

    This was a lovely introduction to Maria. Thank you, Ivy. The sofrito looks amazing, although veal steak is probably not going to be an easy find here. The sweet pie event sounds very tempting – but time is in short supply these days…

  21. That is a lovely recipe,Ivy…and yes, slow cooking is in a class of it’s own 🙂

  22. Beef in white wine? Now what’s not to love about that? Wow, and my fork just appeared in front of me 😉

  23. The sofrito does look amazing Ivy and rose veal is coming in the U.K. more now. Lovely intro of maria I must take a peek at her blog 😀

    Rosie x

  24. Mmm, this looks great, Ivy. And thanks for the tip on Maria. I’ll go have a read! 😀

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  25. Hi ivy
    i liked the concept of slowl cooking in a white wine, garlic and herb sauce..nice recipe and i will surely try it with goat meat as well !

  26. Ivy

    Hi everybody and thanks for your lovely comments. I’m sorry I haven’t been around this week but I’ve been taken down by a nasty cold. Today is the first day I’m feeling a bit better and I’ll try and catch up with your posts.

  27. Ivy this sounds delicious and I love white wine, garlic and herb sauces!!


  28. Mmmm – I love this sound of this sofrito. I adore veal – but the only place that sells it in my area is still quite far out of town 🙁

  29. neema

    Hi Ivy,

    Hope you are feeling better.Really appreciate what you and Val are doing for the WFD

  30. Ivy

    Thank you very much Neema. I am feeling much better today.

  31. Ivy, I am hoping that you are well now. The dish sounds easy and beefy. Love to have veal.

    hugs from me.

  32. Ivy, I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your post. I appreciate it very much and apologize I didn’t post a comment sooner but I had the children sick for days while some minor renovations have been going on in the house and I haven’t been keeping up with reading, posting or commenting. Thank you again, you are a wonderful Nona and I truly appreciate all your advice and tips on blogging.

  33. Ivy

    Maria, I can imagine how it is to have sick children and there is no need to apologize besides you thanked me privately by e-mail. I am really glad that you are finding your way now and I hope I have made it just a little bit easier for you. I shall be glad to help whenever you need my help.

  34. wow. sofrito for you is so so so different than the sofrito we make for our dishes! amazing how words can have many different meanings. i should have seen this post on friday to recommend to my brother. he was looking for a veal recipe! Nice.