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World Food Day Event Announcement

To highlight World Food Day in my own small way I am co-hosting a World Food Day event with my good blogging friend and adopted sister Val, of More than Burnt Toast. We are bringing the world a little closer together with us blogging on opposite sides of the world…Val from British Columbia, Canada and I from Athens, Greece. Val was kind enough to invite me to co-host this event and raise awareness through this event. The blogging community spans the globe so we would like you to submit a recipe which represents your country that would feed at least 6 people. You can send something that is a family favourite or a regional favourite that uses local and perhaps seasonal ingredients.
We could then lay each dish back to back and have enough food to feed everyone on our street. If more people joined we could feed everyone in our city…our country…the world…you get the picture!!! A conga line of international dishes to feed the world!!!!
The objectives of World Food Day are to heighten our awareness of the problem of hunger in the world and to bring to our attention what we can do about it personally. It is a day to encourage us and our governments to be well informed on the issues and to have a plan of action!!! World Food Day brings to our attention the plight of 862 million undernourished people around the world …even in our own backyards!! Global warming and the biofuel boom are threatening to push the number of hungry even higher in the decades to come. By debate and finding solutions we can combat hunger around the world together!!!!
On a more personal level one way to help hunger in your community that has my full support is to help your local Food Bank. There are many families that need our help on a daily basis to bring nutritional food into their home. Our local Food Bank in our community of 107,000 people was established in 1983 to provide short-term support to local families and individuals in need of temporary assistance. Annually, they serve more than 30,000 people including nearly 10,000 children, distributing over $2 million in food.
We need a plan of attack!!! To find out more about what you can do in your area… Visit their site here .
To join Val and myself in this event this is what you need to do:
1) Prepare a dish which represents your country and feeds at least 6 people and post it on your blog from now until October 16th, 2008. It can be a family favourite or a regional dish using local and perhaps seasonal ingredients
2) Include the logo for this event and please make sure to place a link back to this announcement page so that more people can find out about this event and hopefully participate.The logo we are using at the moment is pending WFD approval. We will let you know in the next few days.
3) E-mail your entry to event.wfd [at] gmail [dot] com, with World Food Day as the subject line with the following details.
Your Name and country of origin
Blog Name
Blog URL
Recipe Name
Recipe URL
Photograph of final dish (not bigger than 250 pixels wide)
A short description of what your dish is about or something you would like to say about World Food Day, that will appear in the round-up, would be much appreciated.
4) The deadline for this event is midnight (in whichever part of the world you are) of October 16, 2008. The round-up will be posted a few days later.
5) There is no limit to the number of entries. If you don’t have a blog but wish to participate in this event, send your entries with a picture, your name and recipe to event.wfd [at] gmail [dot] com before the deadline. We will post the recipes with your picture in our blog and include it in the round-up.
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18 Responses

  1. Hola Guapa! I’m in 😀 of course! How could I miss an event held by two of my best friends in the blogosphere? I told Val already… it’s a fantastic idea and my dish will be a very representative Spanish dish cooked with rice (not paella but similar). Hope that you get tones of people hoocked in such a great event!

  2. Ivy

    Nuria, I am sure our event will be a great success. I can feel the positive vibes coming in. Guess what? Mine has rice in it as well 😉

  3. I’ll have to put some thought into this one. The bummer about food in the good ‘ol USA is that we don’t have a whole lot of foods that “represent” our country. I do have some regional (Mexican) favorites here in Southern California that I can focus on. What a great idea 🙂

  4. Ivy

    Lori, thanks. That would be great. Mexican food sounds great.

  5. Nice theme, I have bookmarked it and will try to send something.

  6. Ivy

    Thanks Divya. Shall be looking forward to receiving one of your lovely recipes.

  7. Oh look…another event! I’ll start thinking (and I have your pies to do and Jenn’s “o” event…it’s endless)…

  8. If I am in Indonesia right now, I will do this, Ivy. I don’t think there are more poor people in New Zealand than in Indonesian. In ramadan, it’s the spirit of sharing and charity like this helps those people who live under cardboards. Sadly, really this political issue gives one benefit to one group while more others are dead in hunger. Good luck for the event, Ivy. I’ll spread the words to my baking club and my Indonesian blogs. This is a good thing to do.


  9. Ivy

    Hi Peter. I know what you mean but there is a whole month to do a nice Greek dish.

    Hi Arfi. Thanks very much for all your support.

  10. Hi Ivy, this is a great event (another one!)

    Funnily enough I am in the middle of preparing a dish that is perfect for this!

  11. ooops Ivy forgot the other day to comment on this *blush* I’ll get my thinking cap on sweetie for this 😀

    Pleased you got your award too 😀

    Rosie x

  12. Thank you so much for co-hosting this event with me sis and bringing attention to the world food issues.We can all help out in our own way in our own area:D

  13. Ivy

    Val, it’s my pleasure to co-host with you.

  14. I have sent my entry Ivy. Hope u got it.

  15. Ivy

    Thanks a lot Sangeeth

  16. hi, does it have to be a new entry? can i send any previous entry?

  17. Ivy

    Hi Aartee. Thank you for wanting to contribute to the WFD Event. However, by this event we want to bring Awareness to the people who will read about world hunger through your posts. We don’t mind if it is an old post but you have to repost it again with the logo of the event.

  18. Nice site, thanks for information!